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CHIROPRACTIC & Lower Back Pain

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r. Cynthia Crosser  

While it is quite common for patients to have lower back pain that resolves relatively quickly with chiropractic treatment, most often one detail may be missed that is preventing optimal results with chiropractic care. This could be stubborn hip or knee pain as well. In reality, we are “crooked” and everyone’s imbalances originate in the feet, creating a domino-like effect going up the structure. Our skeletal and muscular structures are influenced by gravity, aging and stresses. I always take X-rays in the standing position without shoes on so I can see the spine from a functional viewpoint.

Chronic lower back pain is a debilitating and often disabling condition that affects upwards of 80% of the population at some point in life. It is often viewed from a mechanical perspective as is neck pain. It is always prudent to see some imaging studies such as X-rays or an MRI for detailed assessment and begin chiropractic care to address the nocioceptive and neuropathic components connected to that pain. Rehabilitative exercises/treatments further assist in maintaining those chiropractic adjustments and are entirely dependent upon the condition for which a patient is being treated. For example, while walking may work well for chronic lower back, it can worsen other conditions, such as lumbar spinal stenosis.  

Modern day chiropractic is utilized according to an evidenced-based model. This current model encompasses dietary and lifestyle changes as well. This is especially true in cases of chronic pain which is by definition pain that has been ongoing for 3 months or more.

Most people are familiar with the concept of inflammation being a contributing factor in pain syndromes and degeneration. The production of pro-inflammatory cytokines may be driven by many factors such as diet, chemicals, food additives, stress, injury, etc. However, nutrient deficiencies also play a role in maintaining a low level of inflammation. Many muscles in the body have high energy requirements for the maintenance of posture, such as the multifidus in the lower back as it requires high levels of vitamin D for mitochondrial function. This is an example of a key co-morbidity in chronic rehabilitation of lower back pain.

Vitamin D also increases anti-inflammatory cytokines which help to reduce pain and reduces disc degeneration in the spine. I will also look at pain scores. Vitamin D supplementation has shown in studies to decrease pain scores in patients with fibromyalgia and musculoskeletal pain. This powerful nutrient/hormone is needed for muscular strength and neuromuscular coordination and is a positive factor to consider in patients with muscular pain due to statin medications, muscle atrophy, and oxidative stress. This all translates into a risk of falling.

I run bloodwork routinely with my patients to check their vitamin D levels and most are far below the recommended range of 50-80 nmd/L. Due to COVID-19 most people in the U.S. are aware of the impact of vitamin D on the immune system. As part of the panel, I would also be looking at ESR, CRP, and may implement strategies to address osteoarthritis if that is a consideration as well.

As a chiropractor, the goal is to find and address the root cause of the presenting complaint. This is most effectively done by utilizing a multi-faceted approach above and beyond the chiropractic adjustment as the body is not merely about balanced movement, but also a complex physiological structure that needs to be viewed as a whole, rather than just individual components. Now let’s get you adjusted! For more information call 302-994-1010 or contact us at


“Dr. Crosser is the standard for all healthcare professionals — kind, caring, attentive, brilliant, insightful, forward thinking, and non-judgmental with an unwavering focus to find and eliminate the cause of your issue as opposed to treating only the symptoms to ensure your appointments, and your claims, continue indefinitely.”  ~ Sean M. 

“I have suffered from migraines since I was a teenager. I would have one all day long, go to sleep and still wake up the next day with the same migraine. I was tired of relying on pills. I just wanted a more natural alternative. I felt like this would never end. Dr. Crosser is literally a saving grace. I can officially say I’ve not suffered from a migraine since seeing her!!! I am so happy. I highly recommend her. I can’t express enough how my life is changed for the better!” ~ Krystal S.

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