Be Prepared When You Are Ready To Change Your Life

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By Erin Donaldson

Life decisions are big. They can change your life, of course. So when you are getting ready to make one of these big life decisions, it is helpful to look to those who have made the same decision before you and can offer insight on what to expect.

That is why we tracked down Rebecca Bunting, a recent graduate of Dawn Career Institute’s Massage Therapist program and Personal Fitness Trainer program. We wanted to find out what her experience was like and what advice she has for individuals considering careers in massage therapy or personal
fitness training.

First, let’s get to know Rebecca a little bit better.

“I graduated from Dawn Career Institute in January 2012 from the Massage Therapist program and the Personal Fitness Trainer program. I was fortunate that I was able to go to school during the day for personal fitness training and at night for massage therapy. I now have a client base of more than 500 clients through my “Tranquility Base Massage” massage studio, and I am currently enrolled in Wesley College’s Pre-Med program in Medical Technology. Through my education, I hope to tie in massage therapy to both pre-op and post-op patients because there are many benefits to this practice.”

The Massage Therapist program
at Dawn Career Institute focuses on a holistic approach to healthcare and opportunities for alternative healthcare practices through intensive massage therapy training. Training in human anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, medical terminology, health benefits of massage, and pharmacology for massage therapists is part of each student’s course responsibilities.

The Personal Fitness Trainer program focuses on preparing students for a career in
personal training by providing hands-on, physical training. Personal fitness trainers are often tasked with performing exercise-related assessments, designing safe and effective fitness programs, and implementing safe weight loss and/or weight gain programs.

With these program descriptions in mind, we asked Rebecca what was one of the biggest benefits of both the Massage Therapist and Personal Fitness Trainer programs at Dawn Career Institute.

“People often associate massage therapy only with spas and relaxation techniques, and personal fitness with working out. At Dawn Career Institute, I realized that I was more interested in the medical side of both of these practices. I work at a chiropractic office two times per week, and I also have built a client base of more than 500 clients. I am very interested in abdominal massage. It is more than massage relaxation, and there are more areas to explore in a variety of fields. In both of these programs, there isn’t just one career outcome.”

Some of the medical benefits of massage therapy can include relief from anxiety, headaches, insomnia related to stress, soft tissue strains or injuries, sports injuries, and joint pain. Massage therapists are not limited to one professional environment but can work in a variety of settings like Rebecca does, including physicians’ offices, chiropractic clinics, health and medical spas, physical therapy or medical clinics, athletic or sports clubs, beauty salons, and more.

Personal fitness trainers can find employment in fitness centers, physical therapy facilities, spas, universities and collegiate athletic programs, corporations with health and wellness programs, or become self-employed.

Finally, we asked Rebecca what advice she would have for someone considering a future in massage therapy or personal fitness training. This is what she left us with:

“What advice would I give to potential students? I would tell them that before you enroll in a specific program, make sure you look in-depth at the program and talk with an admissions counselor. Sit in on a class and visit the campus for a day. Make sure you have the facts and understand the program, so you don’t have to transfer into another program or waste any time. Different programs require different course training. The teachers are always there to help you, but I think it is helpful to know what you are getting into ahead of time.”

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing her experience at Dawn Career Institute as a graduate of the Massage Therapist and Personal Fitness Trainer programs.

If you are ready to make a big life decision and enroll in one of these programs, please contact Dawn Career Institute today for more information!


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Be Prepared When You Are Ready To Change Your Life