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A New Era in Hair Restoration

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Back Row: Lisa Debevec, Tyaira Daniel, Kathy Heath, Natasha Latina, Pam Ingle

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By Lisa DeBevec & Pam Ingle

Hair restoration. Two words that traditionally suggest images of men of a certain age with bad hair plugs or ill-fitting toupees. And what about women suffering hair loss? Hair loss isn’t just reserved for the older generation. Auto immune diseases, hormonal changes, life stressors and genetics can rob a person of their hair at any age. What options are available if you are facing any one of these scenarios?

Today, it’s trendy for a man to shave his head and call it a day. Some women follow this trend as well and look amazing! But for the vast majority of those not willing to accept the latest trend or fad, the long-term effects of hair loss can claim more than just their hair; it can rob them of their self-confidence, their zest for life and even their identity . . . that person they see themselves as with a full head of hair. The more self-conscious individual is left trying anything to disguise their hair loss instead of openly asking questions to find a solution. There are companies who offer treatments for hair loss; we’ve all seen the ads. But what you don’t hear about are the pricey contracts and long-term commitments you’re often asked to sign. The financial aspect can be overwhelming, but there are options out there. 

Enter, Natasha Latina, owner and master stylist of the Advanced Hair Solutions division of Salon Pasca in Wilmington, DE. With over 30 years of industry experience, she has developed a world-wide reputation and has achieved multiple international awards ranking among the top 10 in many facets of traditional hairdressing. Her limitless creativity and love for a challenge kicked into high gear when she discovered a substantial and growing need among her clients for a reliable hair loss solution. It was then that she started her business Advanced Hair Solutions (AHS). Her commitment would be put to the test soon after and her compassion for her clients would deepen through personal experience.

Natasha received a cancer diagnosis in March of 2022. The subsequent chemotherapy claimed all her hair shortly after treatments began. Although her hair eventually began to grow back, the months without hair were difficult. As the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver lining,” so, Natasha became her own client! Following the AHS process, she designed, colored and cut her own hair system and wore it for half a year until her own hair had grown back to a stylish length. This experience proved invaluable as she really was able to place herself in the client’s shoes and experience the range of emotions they feel as they go through this deeply personal process.

The biggest concern for most clients is that the solution, whatever it may be, should look and feel natural; not only to the individual wearing it but to the viewing public. Enjoying everyday activities like riding a bike, swimming, playing golf, dancing, whatever, shouldn’t induce dread and worry about how their hair is going to look or function.

As for the types of solutions offered, there are several. No two people are the same and every solution can be enhanced by a combination of more than one process. Modest cases of thinning hair can be supplemented with extensions strategically placed to fill in the gaps. Some clients may only need a “topper” (a piece to add some volume on top). Clients who have little to no hair over most of their head will need a larger piece that calls for a bonding process. And lastly, there are clients who will require a full wig. A complimentary, face to face consultation is mandatory and all options are discussed to ensure client satisfaction! Lifestyle habits, daily routines and degree/desire of home maintenance are discussed to correctly assess the best solution for everyone. AHS’s experienced staff possesses a vast knowledge of color, and this, combined with their attitude of ‘we can always fix anything,’ lends itself to crafting the perfect hair system – right down to matching the percentage of gray in the client’s natural hair should they opt to maintain their natural color. 

AHS never considers a client ‘one and done.’ There are no contracts to sign and no long-term commitments for multiple purchases within a certain timeframe. Clients are given their privacy as the salon offers a private entrance and includes three personal rooms, each fully equipped and dedicated solely for their services. All AHS staff are state licensed and then trained by Natasha, ensuring they are well-versed in every aspect of the process. Natasha and her AHS team of seven stylists are also available 24/7 for any concerns that may arise.

Creating looks for both men and women that go undetected by even the most critical eye is Natasha’s forte; restoring a client’s confidence and zest for life is her personal mission.

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