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Easterseals Helps Children Thrive In Life

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By Natalie Scott

Nine-year-old Conor and his twin brother Will are often found reading a book and singing along to their favorite songs. Not surprisingly, the twins spend a lot of time together and thanks to Easterseals Children’s Therapy services, Conor is meeting his milestones with his brother. 

“We love Easterseals and are so thankful Conor has been able to continue with his therapies there. He has made tremendous strides because of the therapies at Easterseals. All of his therapists have been very professional and develop strategies to meet Conor’s needs. We would not have access to all of the resources Conor needs to progress without Easterseals,” Conor’s mom, Donna, says. “Conor loves his weekly therapy sessions!”

When Conor started receiving therapy he was barely able to hold up his head and needed support sitting up. Therapists worked diligently to help strengthen his core so he could become more independent. Later they worked with him to prepare him for school “by challenging him and pushing him to do his best.”

“Conor is thriving at school and life thanks to his therapies and the support he receives from his family, teachers, and friends,” Donna says. “We suggest investigating all resources available to improve your child’s development. It has been helpful to find other families who are going through similar experiences. Be patient because your child will progress on his/her timeline. It can be a frustrating process at times, but keep encouraging and challenging your child.”

A trusted provider of children’s therapy services for more than 70 years, Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore specializes in treating children ages birth through eighteen years with a variety of challenges. Easterseals specializes in meeting the needs of children and their families through creative, playful activities that go beyond traditional services. 

Hundreds of children each year receive physical, speech and occupational therapy at the Easterseals Children’s Therapy Center in New Castle. Easterseals plays a critical role in providing needed therapy for children with a variety of disabilities, short or long term. Children with and without disabilities will find the highest quality services designed to meet their individual needs. For more information about Easterseals Children’s Therapy services call 302-324-4444.

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