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CHIROPRACTIC – Lower Back Pain & Feet

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By D
r. Cynthia Crosser  

While it is quite common for patients to have lower back pain that resolves relatively quickly with chiropractic treatment, most often one detail may be missed that is preventing optimal results with chiropractic care. This could be stubborn hip or knee pain as well. In reality, we are “crooked” and everyone’s imbalances originate in the feet, creating a domino-like effect going up the structure. Our skeletal and muscular structures are influenced by gravity, aging and stresses. I always take X-rays in the standing position without shoes on so I can see the spine from a functional viewpoint.

Then I will perform a digital scan of the feet in the standing position to see how the patient’s weight is being translated through the feet. When there is documented, objective information, we can explain more easily how this can cause muscle contraction with inflammation, nerve root compression with inflammation, tendonitis, etc. Over a lifetime, abnormal loading produces compensatory changes and an acceleration of degeneration. The feet support the weight of the entire body. How efficiently they do this will translate into biomechanical health or stress to the ankles, hips, knees, pelvis, spine and shoulders.  

One common fallacy is that we have one arch under the inside of each foot. In fact, we have 3 functional arches and by age 7 these arches are fully formed. We have a medial arch, a lateral arch and an arch across the metatarsals. Overpronation is the most common change seen on digital scans. When this occurs, the bones of the leg either rotate or move medially to compensate for the arch collapse. The pelvis then tips and rotates, creating mild lumbar scoliosis.

My patients that are runners have unique stresses to their feet and joints of the skeleton due to the continual movement over long periods of time. There are special orthotics that are designed to be minimalist style and support the foot throughout the run, customized for them. I’ve seen many runners have relief of their hip pain with appropriate support. And sometimes patients might even need a very slight heel lift of a few millimeters to support one leg or the other. Our bodies are far more sensitive than we think. And I will usually recommend that we rescan on an annual basis as the foot does change over time. Will orthotics change the tissue in the foot? No, because the plastic deformation is permanent, which is precisely why we need to support these weaknesses, especially if we are on our feet.

It would be wise to look at your shoes to see if you have uneven wear. Flat feet and internal knee rotation are clear indications of collapsed arches. Custom, 3-arch flexible orthotics (to support the many articulations in the feet), have come a long way with the scanning technology. And for you ladies, we can even offer cute flip-flops with the custom orthotic built right in to the flip-flop. For more information or to get your feet scanned call 302-994-1010 or visit


Cynthia Crosser is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Fellow with the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. She completed two postgraduate programs: Chiropractic Neurology and Physical Rehabilitation. She is currently in the process of certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine.


“Dr. Crosser thoroughly examined the issues in my lower back and proceeded to explain how we were going to heal those issues. Then she mapped out a plan with goals. Now I am recovering and adding to my fitness routine.” ~ Mike K.

“Dr. Crosser is the standard for all healthcare professionals — kind, caring, attentive, brilliant, insightful, forward thinking, and non-judgmental with an unwavering focus to find and eliminate the cause of your issue as opposed to treating only the symptoms to ensure your appointments, and your claims, continue indefinitely.”  ~ Sean M. 

“I have suffered from migraines since I was a teenager. I would have one all day long, go to sleep and still wake up the next day with the same migraine. I was tired of relying on pills. I just wanted a more natural alternative. I felt like this would never end. Dr. Crosser is literally a saving grace. I can officially say I’ve not suffered from a migraine since seeing her!!! I am so happy. I highly recommend her. I can’t express enough how my life is changed for the better!” ~ Krystal S.

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