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At Last, We Gather

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By Heather Love

Baby showers, funerals, weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings, trade shows, golf events, girl’s night out, the list is endless. We spend our lives gathering with our little tribes as we reflect on the passage of time. We find ways to turn everyday ordinary events into moments to gather and celebrate.  

When customers ask me for advice for informal gatherings, I tell them to use the L.A.S.T. approach. Most hosts will put themselves last when it comes to enjoying the day. They plan the gathering and spend all the time working for the event. I ask everyone to take a step back and think about: What if you weren’t last? What do you want? What will make this celebration a win for you?  

Once we figure out exactly what gathering they want, then we put L.A.S.T. to work.  


Location, location, location. Event locations can drastically change the stress level of the event. Gatherings at the home can be highly stressful. If you get stressed out when you host parties at home, then simply change the location. State and county parks are excellent locations for gathering with younger children. A local winery is the perfect setting for adults to gather at a place that feels thousands of miles away.  


Everyone predicts that we will be reliving the Roaring 20s. We are ready to start gathering with everyone for any reason. But we need to be responsible; the cost of throwing a party has dramatically increased over the past year. I urge everyone to set aside a budget for each event you are attending or hosting this summer season and plan within your budget.     


Once you have your location and budget, think simple. As hosts, what do you want to accomplish with this gathering? I’m confident that the biggest reason you want to host or attend is because you want to reconnect with everyone. Gatherings like this should be simple because the goal is to talk, share, cry and laugh. By keeping the gathering simple, you can enjoy the event instead of working the event. 


I recommend planning tribe events. Tribe events are the most stress-free way to gather. You might find that you have a group who would love to go hiking together with a picnic at the park at the end. Another set might love setting up an ice cream social for mid-afternoon with the kids. By separating by activities or energy levels, you are creating gatherings that help you reconnect with each other.  

As we enter this summer of reconnection, please put yourself first. Using the L.A.S.T. approach is a way to keep the focus on the relationships and the memories by planning away the stress. Have a wonderful summer and PARTY responsibly.  – Heather  


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