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10 Signs That Your Loved One Could Benefit From Hospice Care

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A common question regarding hospice care is “when is it time?” While this varies from person to person, the prevailing answer is “as soon as possible.” Hospice has a stigma of being a surrender or giving up on life. However, when diagnosed with a serious illness, why not take control and start immediately benefitting from the personal and specialized benefits that hospice care has to offer?

Hospice care focuses on pain and symptom management, ensuring comfort, and helping to live the best life despite a serious illness. While it is difficult to come to terms with death, the earlier hospice care can begin, the sooner a team of multi-discipline professionals can assist in a better quality of life that you are in control of, while surrounded by loved ones.

Here are ten signs that hospice care may benefit you: 

  • Life expectancy is limited to six months according to a doctor.
  • Visitation to an Emergency Department and/or been admitted to a hospital several times in the past six months.
  • No desire to go to the hospital to receive treatment.
  • Curative treatment is not wanted.
  • Prefer a natural death if given the option.
  • Weight loss and/or on a special diet.
  • Spending more time sleeping/ resting and less willing or able to participate in daily activities.
  • Can no longer do simple tasks around the house (make the bed, cook, bathe, etc.)
  • Fallen multiple times in the past three months.
  • Decline in overall health in the past four weeks.

For more information on whether hospice care is right for you, call Delaware Hospice at 302-478-5707. We will send someone out to answer any questions and walk you through every step of this transition.

Delaware Hospice has a team of nurses, medical directors, social workers, certified nursing assistants, chaplains, and volunteers that will be there for physical, emotional, and spiritual support for both you and your loved ones. We also offer bereavement services for every member of the family including children and teens through our New Hope program.

Some of our families have said the following:

“I wish I had called sooner.”  – Joy S., Lewes 

“For all of us, it is never easy to hear the word “hospice.” However, I want people to understand that although hospice may be the ending of one chapter in our lives, it is also the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life as well.”   – Fr. Roger D., Bear 

“Sometimes you just need someone to do it all.”  – Bobbie H., Wilmington

“B.R. deserved nothing but the best as he left this earth, and he received just that at Delaware Hospice. Without a doubt, the end of life services provided by the employees of Delaware Hospice was absolutely extraordinary . . .”   – C.W.

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