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Women’s Wellness & Business Conference

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By Linda Arrey, Founder & CEO

We are extremely excited to invite you to the 2020 Annual Women’s Wellness and Business Conference.

In March 2019, Women in Leadership Development and Empowerment Inc. (WILDE), hosted 150 women, and 20 vendors, in a full day of personal and professional growth through workshops and expert presentations that focused on our four pillars of mental, physical, spiritual and financial wellness. 

From the accomplishments of the last conference, our 2020 goal is to host 250 women through another transformational experience. We are optimistic that with your support we will attain this goal.  We are also taking it a step further by kicking off our Give Mom A Break ™ Day Initiative with 100 women. Give Mom A Break Day is curated for working mothers to avoid burnout, by taking one day to pause and focus on self-care. A recent study by Welch’s Juice revealed that moms work an average of 98 hours per week, which is equivalent to working two full-time jobs and working overtime. Yet self-care remains an afterthought.

Give Mom A Break™ Day will equip moms with tools and experiences needed to cultivate support networks and effective work-life balance practices. For one day, these working moms will have a sole mission – to relax, release and replenish. Upon participating in Give Mom A Break™ Day, moms will feel rejuvenated, renewed and charged to improve performance at home, work and overall lifestyle. They will also be equipped with resources to practice in ongoing self-care for continued success. 

WILDE’s theme for the 2020 Women’s Wellness and Business Conference remains “Equip, Elevate and Empower Her.” Burnout is becoming an epidemic that’s not only affecting women, but communities in general. As an organization, our mission is a movement that is impacting lives through mental, physical, spiritual and financial literacy. 80% of decisions in the homes are made by women. By equipping women with these best practices, we realized from our projects that we are providing a catalyst that is transforming communities. 

Last year’s conference attracted 20 vendors and 150 women from various industries, to include Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor, Bethany Hall-Long, who delivered the luncheon Keynote Address.

WWABC2019 Fact Sheet

  • 99% of attendees said they will implement the lessons learned.
  • 98% of attendees said they will return and bring a guest.

The Women’s Wellness and Business conference prioritizes entrepreneurship, career progression, and overall wellness for women. The conference brings together industry experts in the areas of: Mental Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness, Business, Legal, Finance, Social Media, Nonprofits and several other industries, to educate, inspire and motivate attendees. 

Women in Leadership Development and Empowerment, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with both global and local impact footprints. Our work continues to inspire and gather support from supporters near and far. 

We would appreciate you supporting Give Mom A Break Day, by selecting the 2020 Women’s Wellness and Business Conference to promote your business products and services, or by donating. We look forward to partnering with you as we continue to impact communities near and far.