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Women’s Health Services Expert Therapy For Pelvic Health And Obstetrical Care

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Better Care For Better Quality Of Life

In the past, you may have dismissed annoying or embarrassing personal symptoms because you’ve heard that others have a similar problem. While many symptoms are “common,” they should not be considered “normal.” Treatment can often address the cause of issues and improve your quality of life.

The physical therapists at ATI Women’s Health provide expert treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction and obstetrical care. Conditions and symptoms that we treat:

• Difficulty tolerating a pelvic examination

• Low back pain during pregnancy

• Weakened core strength following delivery

• Discomfort during or following sexual intimacy

• Loss of bowel/bladder control when coughing, laughing or sneezing

• Frequent urination

Specialty-Trained Clinicians

ATI offers an innovative approach that’s designed by women for women. With advanced education and credentials, our clinicians are specially trained in pelvic health and obstetrical care.

• Coursework through accredited institutions, such as the American Physical Therapy Association’s Section on Women’s Health, and the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute

• Intensive mentorship training

• Physician shadowing and collaborative communication

Personalized Communication In A Supportive Environment

Due to the intimacy of your needs, we understand any hesitation you may have about treatment. We will answer any questions you have so you feel comfortable beginning your therapy. In addition, we will verify insurance benefits for you prior to your initial evaluation, so it’s easy to get started, and more importantly, to begin feeling better.

Learn more about ATI Women’s Health:

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