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Women Don’t Plan To Fail!

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Frederick_Dawson_on11_sqBy Frederick J. Dawson, ChFC, CLU

They just fail to plan. One of the women that I interviewed recently indicated to me that “a husband is not a financial plan” and therefore women need to seriously look at the future.

“My whole life has been planned out. My family, my career, and my retirement; my success has not been an accident, but intentional in every way” another delightful woman reported, who is a very successful business consultant.

I submit the following general truism, “successful people do those things that unsuccessful people refuse to do.” Said another way, people who fail at life in general are afraid of success!  They don’t see opportunities, they see obstacles and they don’t set goals especially as it relates to money. If you don’t set goals, then you will be part of someone else’s goals (and plan) who will then become successful.

I was listening to a radio show whereby the woman speaking was analyzing how we may think about money….or not think about money. Because we don’t have goals, we get very easily sidetracked by making impulse purchases for things we want rather than what we need. We get caught up trying to keep up with the perceived success of those infamous neighbors, “The Jones.” Everyone needs to prepare a written list of goals; yes WRITTEN! When you write them down and then look at them each day (by posting them in a conspicuous place) not only will you have a daily reminder of your dreams, but as you sleep, your subconscious will work on ways of accomplishing them while you sleep. I personally know that this technique works!

After you have written down your goals, next is to develop a plan to achieve them…especially important is a financial plan. Starting with a balance sheet that lists all your assets and liabilities; keeping it current at least annually if not quarterly. This becomes your scoreboard. You will get a sense of accomplishment watching your assets go up and your liabilities go down. It’s called progress; and that’s what will keep you going.

Stay tuned for my next installment!

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