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Why Lifting Weights Rocks for Women Over 40!

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By Walter Sellers, GGS1-CPT

Hey everyone! Let’s have a heart-to-heart about health and exercise, especially for women over 40. Now, I get it, the idea of lifting weights might seem daunting for some. However, it’s more than just about flexing those muscles. There’s science to back up the benefits of resistance training (that’s the fancy term for weight lifting) for women in this age bracket. Let’s break it down.

You’ve probably heard of osteoporosis, right? That’s when bones become fragile and can break easily. Here’s a not-so-fun fact: After women hit menopause, they might lose up to 2% of their bone mass each year. Yikes! But, here’s where resistance training comes into play. Johns Hopkins University says that when you lift weights or use resistance bands, your muscles pull on your bones. This helps in making bones denser and stronger. Think of it like giving your bones a mini workout! And just like exercise makes your muscles stronger, lifting weights gives you stronger, superhero-level bones. 

You know how it’s often tougher for grandma to carry those grocery bags than it is for you? As we grow older, we tend to lose muscle mass. In fact, post the age of 30, we might lose up to 3-5% of muscle mass every decade. Sounds scary? Well, resistance training to the rescue! It’s like giving a power-up to your muscles. The science-y term for this is ‘hypertrophy’, which means your muscle fibers grow bigger and stronger. The cool part? Besides helping you in daily tasks, like carrying groceries or moving furniture, building strength means you’re less likely to get hurt. So, it’s a win-win!

Let’s tackle a common myth: Only cardio helps in weight loss. Nope! Weight lifting is like a secret weapon for burning calories. Muscle tissues are like calorie-burning factories. Even when you’re chilling on the couch, watching your favorite show, muscles burn more calories than fat does. So, the more muscle you build by lifting weights, the more calories you’ll burn just by existing. Plus, after a good weight-lifting session, your body continues to burn more calories. That’s thanks to something called “afterburn.” It’s like your body’s bonus round for weight loss.

Alright, so I hope that made things clearer. The beauty of science is that it helps us understand our bodies better. For women over 40, lifting weights isn’t just about building muscles. It’s about super strong bones, a powerful body, and efficient calorie burning. 

And remember, health isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Starting or continuing weight lifting at any age can bring benefits. To my lovely ladies reading this, whether you’re nearing 40, past it, or guiding someone who is, remember: weightlifting isn’t just for bodybuilders. It’s for everyone who wants a healthier, more robust life.

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