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By Anthony Alfieri, DO, FACC  

Your legs have been bothering you for a while and you aren’t sure where to start. You know your grandmother used to complain about her legs and you remember the big, knotted rope-like veins protruding from her legs. While you don’t want your legs to look like that, you also remember how they were surgically removed that required a hospital stay. This procedure usually resulted in pain and recovery. You know you do not want that procedure.

It is important to understand just how advanced the technology and science around vein treatment has changed. In the past, the focus was on stripping the vein while now the focus is on YOU. You need to be able to perform your everyday routine without disruption and today’s options can allow for that. The treatments that are performed in our office give you the opportunity to fix your veins without the long recovery or pain.

Beginning with an ultrasound, we are able to really focus on how your veins are working. There are no needles or radiation involved with the ultrasound, which makes it a great non-invasive approach to help us better improve your vein health. Are your veins a normal size? Are the valves functioning properly to help pump the blood up to your lungs and heart? These are two major factors to take into consideration while coming up with the best vein treatment plan for you.

We all know how intimidating taking a test can be, but the only step you need to prepare for this exam is hydration. This allows for the ultrasound to really tell the whole story of your legs. People often focus on the appearance of the superficial branches we can see with our eyes, but it’s often the underlying veins that are causing the problem. Many of us have received sclerotherapy in the past and feel that it was unsuccessful because the unsightly spider veins have returned because the underlying problem was not addressed, which is venous insufficiency. Addressing and resolving venous insufficiency often ends the recurrence of spider vein diagnosis. This is where the ultrasound really becomes necessary to help develop a treatment plan that focuses on the best long-term outcome. The ultrasound of your legs is covered by most insurances.

Once the ultrasound technologist has determined whether or not your problem is cosmetic or a medical necessity to address, they will have you schedule a vein consult with Dr. Anthony Alfieri, DO, FACC. This is a separate appointment where you will have the opportunity to sit down and really develop a plan to address the venous insufficiency.

The technologists and staff are here to answer any questions you may have and make you feel comfortable moving forward. Many of us have undergone treatments ourselves and understand what you may be going through. This is your chance to be educated on exactly what is going on with your veins and to make the best and informed decision on how to move forward with bettering you!


Anthony Alfieri, DO, FACC is a board certified interventional cardiologist who has been practicing in the New Castle County area for over twenty-five years. In that time he has seen and treated many forms of cardiovascular disease, one of which being the progressive and often painful and debilitating venous insufficiency, commonly described as varicose veins. Over the years, Dr. Alfieri came to realize that this problem was frequently underappreciated, misdiagnosed, and undertreated. It was this extensive experience and intense compassion for his patients that drove his desire to provide an effective and permanent treatment and led him to found Delaware Advanced Vein Center. With over twenty-five years of experience as an interventionalist, Dr. Alfieri is uniquely qualified to perform a multitude of vascular procedures with minimal discomfort and maximum, lasting results.


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