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Volunteers Come In All Shapes & Sizes

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During our almost 36 years of service to the community, Delaware Hospice has been touched by the tremendous support of thousands of volunteers. These fun-loving, individuals have donated their time and talents throughout the years in a variety of ways. Within the past year alone, 407 volunteers have donated over 24,995 hours! The quality of life for patients and their families improve dramatically through the healthcare services provided and the 1,109 patient visits our volunteers fulfilled. Many of our volunteers come to us and offer up their skills for very unusual projects, while others are able to meet our daily needs. 

“I have been very blessed and love to give back in some small way,” commented Coles Marsh of Milton when asked why he volunteers. Cole supports Delaware Hospice by visiting with patients, specifically Veterans, and by volunteering at the reception desk at the Delaware Hospice Center. 

Based on skill sets and wishes, volunteers help in a variety of areas throughout Delaware Hospice. Running errands with or for patients is always a needed service and is a wonderful experience for the volunteer and patient. Visiting with patients in one of our other eight programs such as Delaware Transitions, Delaware Palliative, or New Hope are other rewarding volunteer opportunities. Many volunteers choose to talk, read, and play cards with a patient and their family. Other volunteers enjoy helping in the Delaware Hospice offices and contribute administratively by updating databases, completing informational packets, or even taking pictures at our fundraising events. Volunteers are always able to see how their dedication positively affects our patients’ lives.

  • Sharon Spence of Bear assembles educational packets for staff members to utilize on medical visits or at health fairs.  
  • Bridgeville resident, Ron Friedl makes phone calls to current patients to ensure they are doing well or learn if they need any additional support. 
  • Cindy Wright of Kennett Square provides database and clerical support and visits with patients. 
  • Volunteer artisans and designers help decorate the Delaware Hospice Center during the holiday season. 
  • Millsboro resident, Rich Stout loves volunteering his time with Camp New Hope. 
  • Jason Tucker of Milford plays his African drum for patients. 
  • West Grove resident, Linda McRae provides pet therapy to patients. 
  • If you would like to learn more about becoming a Delaware Hospice volunteer, please email [email protected] or visit There are no time commitments; however, any amount of time you are able to give is greatly appreciated. 


“After every visit with Mom, a volunteer calls me with updates regarding her emotional, mental, as well as physical state. I can feel their love and care for my mother through the phone.”  

~ A family member who lives in San Francisco, CA and benefits from the generosity of volunteers who donate their time to visit with his mom and provide him updates.