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Unwind, Recharge & Banish Those Winter Blues

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By Kelly Bachman

The New Year brings forth fresh aspirations, shifting our focus away from holiday gatherings and gift giving and towards comfort and self-rejuvenation. But as you focus on resolutions and rest, be wary of the winter blues – feelings of sadness, low energy or hopelessness that can arise in late fall or early winter and last until spring or summer. Try not to let the colder weather and shorter days keep you from spending time with others, eating healthy and getting fresh air – all great ways to stay mentally and physically healthy during this time of year. 

Comfort through connections

Combatting the winter blues often involves fostering connections and shared experiences. Luckily, Jamestown Hospitality Group has several venues in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland with warm and inviting spaces where friendships can flourish and celebrations come alive. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon watching sports at the bar with some friends, a place out of the office to plan for the year ahead with coworkers, or a more intimate setting with your partner, our venues provide the backdrop for getting out of the cold, lifting spirits and coming together.

Nourishment for the soul

After a robust holiday season of overindulgence, many resolve to make healthier choices in the new year. Yet, the colder weather often leaves people craving comfort foods, including pasta, hearty stews and chocolate. Fortunately, it is possible to make healthier choices and still enjoy comfort foods. Better yet – you can enjoy healthy, comforting foods without having to cook when you visit any one of our restaurant venues. Stop by Giordano’s in Kennett Square for a pan-seared salmon with a Dijon cream sauce with orzo and broccoli; join us at Tonic Seafood & Steak in Wilmington for roasted chicken with parmesan-rosemary risotto, grilled asparagus, mushroom demi-glace; or enjoy crab cakes with Swiss chard and polenta at Deep Blue at Kitty Knight all while taking in a one-of-a-kind view overlooking of the Sassafras river in Maryland.

Hosting a large gathering? Let our team at Jamestown Catering develop a carefully curated menu featuring seasonal delights customizable for all dietary needs. We offer a range of catering options, including on-site, pick-up, and drop-off services, so you can enjoy delicious food wherever you want. 

Experts in hospitality

When winter’s chill becomes daunting, Jamestown Hospitality Group understands the importance of fostering moments of joy and is ready to serve you. Our venues offer an oasis of warmth, light and liveliness that are sure to boost your mood and banish those winter blues. 

About Us

Jamestown Hospitality Group is a Wilmington-based hospitality & event company with a diversified portfolio of upscale nightlife & restaurant venues. Longtime friends Chris Blackwell and Paul Bouchard established Jamestown Hospitality Group in 2015. Their vision was born out of a need to bring high-quality service to the Wilmington, Delaware area. With a commitment to excellence, passion, relationships, ownership, and a team-centered work environment, our group provides world-class service to our guests. Call 302-543-2233 or visit

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