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The Keys To Regain Your Health

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Dr. Heather Rooks, DC, Executive Director

PATH Integrative Health Center

Lifestyle change, education & consistency are the KEYS TO REGAIN YOUR HEALTH.

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” “there are so many different diet fads,” “my doctor doesn’t talk to me about this”… these are all statements I hear every day from patients seeking help for their health conditions.

So much of the problem in our health care system today is a lack of KNOWLEDGE, GUIDANCE, & a lack of accountability.

WHAT MAKES INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CARE DIFFERENT IS an educational approach, the integration of systems in analysis, incorporation of diet, lifestyle and habit changes to achieve a goal.

Lifestyle change is the hardest, so the program helps establish new HABITS.

However, getting proper testing is the only way to know where you stand. We incorporate blood, salivary hormone and comprehensive stool testing, as well as the newest genetic testing to assess individual needs. A few of the Most commonly observed trends I see are:

Low Vitamin D

Many patients must supplement Fall through Winter & into Spring because they do not get enough! Vitamin D deficiency is associated with most chronic degenerative diseases!

Abnormal Immune Function

High Blood Sugars & Triglycerides

Metabolic syndrome is a precursor to diabetes and is a state where your body is insulin resistant, your lipid #’s (think Cholesterol) are rising, waistline expanding, energy Is falling, sugar cravings escalating, and inflammation in the body surges.

This is caused from the S.A.D. (standard American diet). In order to counteract this, we work with clients to reduce processed food, added sugars and grain-based carbohydrates. We also advocate to STOP DRINKING calories, especially SUGARY soda, sugary lattes & concentrated juices.

Inflammation Markers High

This is due to inflammatory diet, stress, toxins, infections, lack of repair hormones, being overweight.

Elevated Liver Enzymes

This is Indicative of toxic burden. It could be alcohol related, but usually it is a combination of factors and the failure to detoxify regularly.

Our environment, products, food and water carry a toxic burden for our body. Toxic burden is the largest health threat we face as a society today. The greatest source of toxicity is what we put in our mouths and on our bodies.

Maintenance of body weight, energy and performance requires a body that is free of toxins that congest our systems, burden our immune system, decrease immune function, accumulate in fat cells, and interfere with hormone binding and function.

ALL OF THESE FACTORS MUST BE ADDRESSED in order to get healthy, feel great, and maintain a healthy weight.

We follow a system that allows our patients to regain their health and live their BEST lives in a system that addresses the pillars of health that need to be addressed with CONSISTENCY.

Pillars/Keys To Health:

Nutrition & Nutritional Supplementation

This includes addressing factors which reduce the body’s ability to use food for energy and resources. Some of those factors are anemia patterns, gut infections, and nutrient malabsorption syndromes, which are very common. Most of the chronic degenerative disease and sickness we see walking around today started as nutrient deficiencies. The body needs nutrients as raw materials to create healthy new cells, and to repair and rebuild our tissue!

Clean Water

hydrate your body properly, without toxins and in proper amounts. The human body is 70-74% water… did you know that?!

Proper Rest & Sleep

This is a very common area of dysfunction that needs to be addressed.

Hormone Balance

All of them… thyroid, blood sugar regulating hormones, adrenal stress hormones, sex hormone, brain neurotransmitters … are also hormones! These are the bodies chemical messengers.

Proper EXERCISE & Movement

If you don’t use it, you lose it. We teach our patients to move the body for many reasons: sweat removes toxins, resistance workouts build healthy muscle tissue, maintains body weight, strengthens bones, burns off stress hormones, and lubricates joints.

Healthy Positive Attitude

This is about healing from mental and emotional traumas and wounds, as well as having a connection to a higher power. Stress reduction and mindfulness techniques are not optional in healing!

Your health is your greatest asset, so you are either going to put some time, attention and investment into it or wait to LOSE IT AND SCRAMBLE TO TRY to regain IT.

I recommend you take a proactive approach, rather than a reactive wait and watch game so often used in our society. 

Dr. Heather Rooks, DC  

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Dr. Rooks is skilled and experienced at finding and addressing the root physiological, biochemical, hormonal and neurological imbalances causing the poor health status of people today. In the current health tragedy most people find themselves in, she has found an emphasis in Metabolic disorders like weight gain, pre diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, digestive disorders and Hypothyroidism, but she works with all kinds of conditions.