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The Difference Between A Shingle Roof & A Metal Roof

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Presented By Teddy and Tina Escobar

Team Exterior Roofing, LLC

Roof life 

A shingle roof could need to be replaced a few times in your life. 

A metal roof you only need to have done one time in your life and you never have to worry about the roof again. 

The cost 

Shingles are cheap, but you may have to pay for this roof 3 or more times during your life. 

The metal is expensive; its cost is 3 times more than shingles, but you will only have to pay that one time in your life. 

Under the storm 

Shingles are made to resist 130 mph storms or wind. But this is not 100% effective as the factory promises.

The metal roof has more resistance under storm because it’s not held on with nails. It is installed with screws and clips along the ribs of the metal into the wood, making it very secure. 

Options on metal pricing

There are numerous options, but I will mention two options on price. The first one is called exposed fastener metal. This is the cheap metal roof. On this metal, the screw head is exposed so you can see it.

The second option is called commercial metal roof or standing seam metal roof. This is expensive, but it is the best. On this metal roof, the screw is not exposed and if it is installed correctly this roof will never leak. 

Does a metal roof make a lot of noise when it rains? 

No. There are some cases where a metal roof may be loud in rain, but in general it is the same amount of noise as with shingles. You will only have noise if your attic does not have insulation.     

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God Bless, Teddy & Tina Escobar


Teddy Escobar was born in Guatemala, one of the poorest countries in the world. Being poor did not stop Teddy from dreaming and working hard for what he wanted in life. He came to the United States as a teenager to seek a better future. He worked a lot of hard and difficult jobs while working to get his Theology degree before owning his own business. Teddy has training in both commercial and residential roofing systems.

In 2012, the same year he started his business, Teddy met Tina Mench. Tina is a Delawarean who has lived here her entire life, but has visited half of the United States, as well as Brazil & Mexico. Teddy and Tina were married in 2015 and joined together in their family business. They both enjoy being a part of their church and teaching Sunday school. Teddy and Tina are OSHA Certified and look forward to serving as they both have a heart for the people in Delaware and all the surrounding areas.


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