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Swim “Briefs” – A Swimwear Guide For Your Best Look

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By Debbie Esslinger, Owner


It’s time to daydream about tropical beaches and your upcoming spring and summer vacation.  With all of this comes the dread of baring our sun-starved yet overfed bodies for all the world to see and the intimidating process of finding a bathing suit that fits.

Fear not, the world of swimwear has finally woken up to the fact that most of us don’t have a size 5, rock hard, bikini body.  Here, from Bare Essentials, are some simple tips to help camouflage your trouble areas without compromising your desire to be comfortable and fashionable.

Think tankini tops when looking for tummy coverage:  We specialize in bra fitting tops with underwire, starting in D cup and above.

Many women, feeling the effects of too much fattening comfort food, automatically think a one piece suit is the way to go.  But Tankinis offer so much more variety and versatility.  Choose a print or color blocking to distract from unwanted lumps and bumps.  Mix and match your tankini top with a solid bottom to add length to a short torso.  Wear it with a skirted bottom to distract from larger hips and thighs.  Our bra-fitted tankinis are designed to be long enough to overlap any bottom you choose, not to mention that tankinis are just plain easier to get in and out of when wet.

Women who don’t need figure shaping garments still flock to the “retro” look.  The higher you wear the waistband of your swim bottom, the less muffin top you will have.  Wear a bottom that comes up to your rib cage under your tankini for maximum tummy control.  Underwire offers lift and support for larger busts.  The better supported you are the higher your bust will sit.  This adds length to your torso, definition to your waist and gives you the appearance of instant weight loss.

Sometimes Less Is More….

It’s a common practice to try to hide behind more fabric when in reality the opposite is much more flattering.  If you are confident enough to wear a bikini, try a variety of bottoms, including those offering LESS coverage than you would normally gravitate towards.  More often than not, a fuller bottom attracts the eye to the area of concern rather than distracting from it.  A briefer cut will not draw the eyes to the hips like a fuller cut will.  If you struggle with fluctuating weight, a tie side bottom can offer adjustability in size that may be perfectly suited to your needs.

We have both tankini and bikini styles available.  Our swimsuits are unique to Bare Essentials with bra sized tops, designed with underwire support in sizes not available in regular department stores.  Our D to G cup sizing with mix and match bottoms provide a perfect fit.  The exceptional fitters here will help you choose the right top and bottom for your body type and size.

Personal, one-on-one service is what you deserve when choosing a swim suit or bra.  We thank you for shopping Bare Essentials and keeping our store the only place to shop for bras, swimwear and specialty bridal undergarments.


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