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Stand In Your Power. Share Your Story. The “I AM” Way.

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By Angela Jo Manieri, Presentation Stylist, Transformational Speaker, Enter-trainer and Author

With each new year that comes our way, we are presented with opportunities for a clean slate, for new dreams and visions. It reminds me of the days of etch-a-sketch! Oh, how I loved to create and fine tune until I had the picture that was in my mind’s eye. Then, I would pause to celebrate my accomplishment, turn it upside down, give it that vigorous shake, and begin again.

As we approach this new year, or any new season of your life, in which you want to create a grandeur vision, a different brand or a new story, how about using the “I AM” model to fine tune your picture?

There is so much power in these two little words, and what follows them, shapes your destiny. The “I AM” declarations are a powerful foundation for creating your vision and mission to manifest the best version of you. For me, it’s about knowing who I am because of Whose I AM.  

Think about one year from now: how do you want your story to read? What is it that you will do to make a difference and possibly leave a legacy? Creating your “I AM” statements for the year is an excellent way for you to stay focused, and also use as a filter for making decisions. When asked to do something, if it’s aligned with your “I AMs” then go for it. If not, think again!

As you prepare, take time to ask yourself the question, “WHO AM I?” Then, Listen! Take time to be still, and listen to the small voice inside of you. Lastly, write it down, print it out and share it with those who want to see you succeed.

So, to help you in the process, I am sharing a few of my “I AM” statements for 2019.

I AM A Spokeswoman For God: I am honored to serve God so I can share His messages of light, love and hope for the world. I am a wife, a mom, a nonna, a sister, aunt and friend. I am an author, radio host, entrepreneur and leader who encourages others to be the best version of themselves.

I AM A Presentation Stylist: I am passionate about partnering with people to create their stories so they can stand in their power, enhance their delivery and style, and WOW audiences. 

I AM A Transformational Speaker And Trainer: I am committed to sharing messages to inspire so that people think more purposefully and intentionally. I share messages that impact change, through humor, insight and life experiences.  

So, are you ready to create your “I AM” statements? I am confident they will help you as you stand up and stand out in the year ahead!   

Special Challenge! When you create your “I AM” statements, email them to me at [email protected]. Your name will be entered into a drawing for a $500 consultation. The first 5 who send your statements, will receive a special gift. Excited to receive them so I can cheer you on to discover your greatness and stand in your power.   


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Angela Jo Manieri is the CEO & Founder of I AM Center Stage. Her passion is helping individuals and groups prepare for their presentations and become transformational and dynamic speakers. She also provides “Impression Management”™  workshops for corporations, schools and universities, individual and group consulting, and keynote presentations.   

 Angela Jo Manieri

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