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Providing Powerful Connections Blue Hen Utility Services

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Michele Reynolds - Blue Hen Utility Services By Michele L. Reynolds, President 

Blue Hen Utility Services, Inc. was a business concept that was formulated in March of 2014 when Michele Reynolds’ current business, Shelly Sons Electrical Contracting, was contracted to perform high-medium voltage work.  From its start, Shelly Sons sub-contracted its customers’ high-medium voltage electrical work to other firms, firms with the technical training and equipment to handle that highly-specialized work.  Through that high-medium voltage sub-contracting experience, Michele learned a single fact that would change everything for her business- there were NO Delaware based utility service firms geared to self-perform high-medium voltage work.  When storms or other issues breached power lines in the First State, all of the repair work was contracted to out-of-state firms.  A Delaware-based utility service company would have a faster response time to address power outages than those more remote out-of-state firms, keeping First State communities and businesses up-and-running when power crisis strikes.  Throughout this process of working for several clients to complete their distribution projects, they had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous vendors, supply houses, and business owners that rendered one common theme. There is an urgent need for additional utility service contractors to meet the demand of increased electrical service reliability.

To bring her high-medium voltage plans to fruition, Michele needed a sharp team that was up to the challenge.  Her husband and long-time business partner Michael Reynolds, co-owner of Shelly Sons Electrical and Vice President of Blue Hen Utility Services, would bring his field operations expertise to the team.  Then, Michele and Mike would reach out to longtime construction executive Ted Kelly, Vice President of Blue Hen Utility Services, to develop corporate marketing strategies, business development initiatives, and operational procedures.  Once Michele had the management team in place, she turned her attention to developing Blue Hen Utility Services’ business plan.  Michele’s newly minted ‘Blue Hen’ team drafted a business plan to take the high-medium voltage service industry by storm.  Armed with that plan, the Blue Hen Team promptly secured the necessary financing.  Next, the team added an electrical distribution-trained work crew – the most critical component of the business.  And, with that, ‘Blue Hen Utility Services, Inc.’ was conceived.

Blue Hen Utility Services, Inc. continues to grow attracting new business, while   maintaining a number of returning customers.  BHUS, Inc. currently employs several full-time and part-time staff members year round.

Today, both Shelly Sons Electrical and Blue Hen Utility Services, Inc. are going strong, thanks to Michele’s re-focused, re-inspired leadership and the firms’ ever-expanding team – a true workplace family.  For Blue Hen, private sector high-medium voltage demand is growing steadily, and public sector high-medium voltage contracts are certainly within reach.  With time, Michele looks to “pay her success forward,” mentoring other female entrepreneurs who, like herself, own businesses in male dominated fields.  For Michele, persistence and “doing what makes you happy” are the keys to success, in business and in life.

Our Values

Safety, Integrity, Dedication, Commitment, and Continuous Improvement.

Our Vision

Relentless pursuit of excellence in delivering the “Best in Class” service for our clients.

Mission Statement

Committed to becoming the company recognized for its unsurpassed dedication to understanding the needs of our clients, whether large or small, delivering relevant solutions with uncompromised quality and integrity.


  • Overhead pole line construction and maintenance
  • Aerial to underground conversions
  • Installation and repairs of primary and secondary aerial conductors
  • Storm restoration
  • Fault location and repair of underground conductors
  • Pad mount transformer installations-single and three phase
  • Tree trimming to clear power lines
  • Infrared testing and monitoring
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting


Michele, again, sincere thanks to you, your team and Delmarva for a great demonstration for our UD Class… they loved it and I know they learned a lot. -William A. Sullivan CHTP MS, Managing Director, Courtyard Newark at the University of Delaware


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