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Please Help Us Keep Our Doors Open

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The mission of Sojourners’ Place is to assist the homeless on a journey to self-sufficiency through a case-managed residential program.  Sojourners’ Place is a one-of-a-kind facility here in Delaware that has the capacity to house up to 50 residents.  At Sojourners’ Place, potential residents are interviewed and if accepted, their stay is flexible, usually lasting about nine months, while most of the state’s residential programs offer a very limited stay.

While living at Sojourners’, residents partake in a number of educational programs and supportive services, including substance abuse counseling, financial literacy programs, and employment counseling.  Many residents desperately need these programs, and on-site counselors are here to assist them while they work through the programs.

Unfortunately, we are forced to SOUND THE ALARM.  The front page article in the News Journal on June 22, 2016 summed it up… “Nonprofit leaders are bracing for cuts in government funding and state agencies are preparing to get much less money than expected…”

In the last two years, our funding from government agencies has been reduced by 29% and 45%.  We have had to overcome a loss of over $230,000 in government funding.  The support we have received from loyal friends like you have allowed us to keep our doors open to date.

While we’ve already reduced our expenses by 25%, mostly through employment cost reduction of 30%, retaining key individuals and case workers, and moving some to part-time, we need your help to keep our doors open and provide these services to deserving women and men.

Your donation would go toward educational programs that will help our residents on their journey back to self-sufficiency.

If you are able to help us, donations can be mailed to:

Sojourners’ Place 

2901 Northeast Boulevard Wilmington, Delaware 19802


Board Members:  Robert S. Townsend, Susan D. Ament, Esq., J. Michael Montgomery, Tom Smyth, Sr. Kay Shinham, Keila Andujar, Rosemary Boughton, G. Murray Derrington, Roman Kalpas, Rob McCreary, Robert Nickle, Dr. Jonathan N. Saunders, Hon. Charles H. Toliver, IV, Cassandra Roberts, Esq., Denise Johnson, Albert Manwaring, Esq.


The Morris James Personal Injury Group Attorneys Bring Awareness to The Need to Keep the Doors of Sojourners’ Place Open