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Logos! Websites! Social Media! Kittens! Bears Playing On Swings! (You Get The Picture!)

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By Mike, Trisha & Arianna Fox

The power of visual design is more than most realize! Much more!

Your brain processes visual design, which includes video, graphics, images and pictures approximately 60,000 times faster than “reading” text. Yes, that’s 60K!

Now think of that in terms of advertising your business. When we’ve designed billboards, we’ve explained that drivers only have about 3.5 seconds to – get the attention, see your logo, catch your message, then know how to contact y . . . (too late. Time’s up. They drove past it!) 

Whenever we produce Social Media posts, video commercials, audio commercials, brochures, websites, marketing – whatever it is – we express the same principal. Quick, powerful, emotionally impacting visual design will leave a longer impression than text. You see, the potential customer only has a matter of seconds to process what exactly it is you’re trying to sell . . . er . . . um . . . tell them.

And in a nutshell, that’s the key. Tell them a story – not sell them. And fast. SHOW them who you are, what you do, how you can help and how to get a hold of you! Show a creative, powerful visual that will imprint in their eyes after seeing it.

We’ve lost track of how many advertising mediums we’ve seen for huge companies that you know they have money to spend, and their ads or visuals are confusing, complex or simply unprofessional!

The power of creative visual can’t be overestimated. Whether it be of a product to show off, a home or property to sell, a service to provide – all are vying and competing with the attention of this generation, which is much less than the earlier generation.

According to a study by Microsoft, the average person has an attention span of eight seconds! A sharp decrease from around12 seconds in 2000. So, if potential customers are already busy, then just imagine how short of a time frame you have as a professional or business owner to catch and keep their attention! Crazy, right? 

As designers and marketing professionals we also have to constantly evolve to help design and produce shorter impacting visuals and creatives. Fun? Yes! Challenging? Yes. Rewarding.. always. So just remember, when sharing the story of your business, always t . . . (Oops. Out of time!) 

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Mike, Trisha & Arianna Fox


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