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Life Without Chronic Back Pain is Possible, Naturally

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By Heather Shafer, CYT, Director, Kaya Wellness & Yoga


Numerous studies have shown that Yoga can be an effective solution for easing chronic low back pain. It is a natural approach that has lasting effects, but it takes a commitment to your own health. If you want a quick fix pill, this is not your solution. But if you are ready to commit to a regular yoga practice, you could end up saying goodbye to pain medications.

A 2011 study on ‘Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain’ published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that yoga provides not just more effective low back pain than usual care, but also provides it faster. ( 

Yoga’s benefits on back function and symptoms are largely due to the stretching and strengthening of muscles. But, according to the authors of the largest US yoga study to date, “The benefits of yoga may be greater than those of exercise alone because yoga offers a combination of physical exercise with mental focus, and patients are taught good posture, self-awareness, and self-care along with relaxation.” (Group Health Research Institute [GHRI], 2011 Study) 

Back-related function was better and symptoms were diminished with yoga at 12 weeks; and clinically important benefits, including less use of pain medications, lasted at least six months for yoga, with thorough follow-up of participants.

Yoga can be a good, safe option for people who are willing to try physical activity to relieve their moderate low back pain, concludes Dr. Karen J. Sherman, a senior investigator at Group Health Research Institute. (GHRI, 2011)

The studies listed here focused on patients with mild to moderate pain with non-specific cause. Always seek medical advice before beginning yoga as a treatment for any physical aliment, and make sure to find a yoga instructor with experience working with low back pain who can modify postures for physical limitations.

Kaya Wellness & Yoga has experienced, trained instructors that can help you develop a program to address your chronic back pain, through one or a combination of Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Private Sessions, & Massage Therapy. If you are ready to create your own healing, instead of turning to a prescription, contact Heather at Kaya Wellness & Yoga. 

Publisher’s Note: “When I first thought about taking Aerial Yoga I was assuming that it would be hard, and that there was no way that I could do any of it (I am almost 60 yrs. old). I also assumed that I had to be really strong and limber. I was totally wrong: From the very beginning it was fun, enjoyable, & allowed me to go in to yoga poses that I never had been able to do in regular floor yoga.”  ~PJ


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