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Jewelry Exchange Of Delaware Presents Mother’s Perpetual Heart

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As you enter either branch of the Jewelry Exchange of Delaware, you find yourself surrounded with glittering gemstones in luxurious settings. At the center of the sparkling enterprise is Roberta Kozak, the store’s owner. Roberta’s knowledge of and passion for Estate Jewelry is evident in the easy way she assists customers and readily answers questions about any given item in her store. As a bonus, though, she’ll also give you the feelings behind each piece, which is where her heart truly is.

Estate jewelry can be difficult for some people to part with – it comes with a history, bearing the traces of its previous owners. Consigning it takes more care and compassion than the standard business transaction. It takes more than a good eye for quality – it takes an ear for stories, and, occasionally a shoulder to cry on. Roberta has always been a good listener. There was one story in particular, though, that inspired her to do more than listen.

The Story…

A longtime customer entered her jewelry store after a few months’ absence. “I noticed immediately that her normally bubbly personality was subdued,” she related. “I inquired about the pendant she was wearing, which bore a laser photograph of a young man. When she told me that the photo was her son who had passed away a few months earlier, I was overwhelmed with sadness. I had witnessed my own mother grieve the loss of two of my siblings and devastation doesn’t begin to describe the pain. Knowing I could not hug her pain away, I took the charm tray from my display case and offered her a heart-shaped amethyst and gold charm. She was so touched that she immediately put it on the chain next to her son’s picture.”

This moment is what inspired her to create the Mother’s Perpetual Heart necklace. In the same way that the military honors its soldiers who were wounded in the line of duty, Roberta wanted to honor those mothers who have suffered the loss of their child. In her words, “I believe that mothers who live beyond their children are heroes whose wounds will never heal. My hope in creating the Mother’s Perpetual Heart is that people will recognize and honor the mothers who wear it.

The heart-shaped charm can be made of gold or silver, and is covered in a deep purple enamel. The precious metal “ribbon” swirling through the heart is engraveable, to carry the name of the child. All hearts come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Registration Number. As all the hearts require special order, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. For ordering or further information, please visit or call (302) 644-3435.

The Jewelry Exchange specializes in buying, selling, trading, consigning, and even redesigning jewelry at our two locations: 4001 Kennett Pike in Greenville, Delaware, and 142 Second Street in Lewes, Delaware.


“When I was presented with my Mother’s Perpetual Heart, about 3 months, after my 14-year old daughter passed, I burst into tears. It has been a year since I lost my special Kourtney Rose Marie, and the pain is still almost more than I can live with at times, but when I touch my Mother’s Perpetual Heart that I wear around my neck, it is a reminder that I will always have her in my heart forever. Thank you Roberta for being the kind, gentle person that you are and realizing that a Mother’s love never stops even in death.”   – Stephanie Shafer