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Halitosis: Bad Breath THE SOCIAL KILLER

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By Anna Giacalone, D.M.D.

Are you embarrassed speaking face-to-face with friends, co-workers or loved ones?

Do you avoid social situations or worse . . . are people avoiding YOU?

Have your friends, children, or grandchildren told you that your breath is bad?  Unfortunately, bad mouth odor can affect your intimate relationships, professional relationships, and can even damage your self-confidence. Worse yet, many folks are uncomfortable telling you the TRUTH about your bad breath.


I understand the social ramifications of bad breath because I suffered this embarrassment myself. Good news! Breakthrough treatment can help almost everyone, in fact about 95% of all cases.

First, let’s look at the causes of bad breath. Most people are aware that foods with pungent odors such as onions and garlic can cause breath odor. Some medical conditions are also responsible, but most often bad breath stems from bacteria in the mouth.

Certain bacteria in the oral cavity break down proteins in saliva producing a foul-smelling sulfur gas. Sulfur gas is what gives rotten eggs their characteristic odor.

How to tame those breath odors?

First, have a thorough dental exam. Take care of cavities and gum disease. Rotting teeth and infected gums are sure bets for bad mouth odors. Loose caps can be a source of mouth odor too. Taking care of these will also help save your teeth and improve your overall health.

Next, reduce the amount of bacteria on your teeth, gums and tongue daily by practicing proper brushing, flossing and tongue cleansing. You can certainly brush your tongue to achieve this, but many of my patients find a few quick swipes with a tongue scraper to cause less gagging. Tongue scrapers are available in most pharmacies and in our office.

Drink plenty of water. Water helps wash away bacterial by-products. Oral irrigation devices are helpful as well.

So, you might be asking, how does a dentist with no cavities, healthy gums, and exceptional oral hygiene have bad breath?

Like many of my patients, I have seasonal allergies with accompanying sinusitis and post nasal drip (PND). Bacterial thrive in the mucous that collects on the back of the tongue and throat where a brush or scraper cannot reach. Medications used to treat allergies also cause dry mouth, often making matters worse!

Most mints, breath sprays, and mouthwashes just mask the odor temporarily.  Fortunately, there are products that really work! Look for alcohol-free products which contain chlorine dioxide and Zinc. Chlorine dioxide kills the offending bacteria and binds the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) before they can emit their characteristic odor.  Zinc keeps the bacteria from breaking down the proteins and creating the VSC in the first place. Products differ by the combination of active ingredients and concentration.

Since I have more than a professional interest in this area, I have done a great deal of research. I know how important solving this problem has been to me, so I have made Fresh Breath Treatment an important service in my practice. We utilize a scientific device to measure volatile sulfur compounds in a patient’s breath and help us find the best treatment and maintenance products for each individual. If you suffer the embarrassment of bad breath, we would love to help you.

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