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Get Your Eyelashes Holiday-Ready!

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Kristina Alibrando

Written by Kyra Miller

Are you completely over fussing with false lashes or clumpy mascara? Do you want to wake up feeling and looking effortlessly beautiful? If so, eyelash extensions are for you. Everyone can benefit from the no fuss, smudge proof, and low-maintenance eyelash extension service everyone is talking about, and what better time to try something new than for your upcoming holiday plans with friends and loved ones?

Thanks to The Permanent Cosmetic and Lash Studio, the best part about eyelash extensions is how customizable the look can be. The purpose of eyelash extensions are to enhance the length, curl, and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Our artists are trained to create a custom look for each individual client. The length, style and volume will vary depending on your specific eye shape and desired look. Your look can be as natural or 

The Permanent Cosmetic and Lash Studio offers three different types of styles to choose from: 

Classic eyelash extensions

The traditional method of lashing. One eyelash extension is applied to one natural lash. This style mimics a natural look.

Volume eyelash extensions

A more advanced technique. They create density and volume along the lash line due to multiple thin, light-weight lashes being fanned out and applied to one single natural lash.

Hybrid eyelash extensions 

Somewhat of a mix between classic and volume. Feeling adventurous? Now is the perfect time to spice up your style this holiday season with a pop of color. There are multiple colors of eyelash extensions you can choose from. Eyelash extensions are such a fun way to enjoy this exciting time of the year and just feel good in your own skin. They can be a natural or dramatic enhancement to complete your holiday look and be ready in no time! Colorful eyelash extensions can be placed behind the darker ones to offer a glimmer of color in the light.

Your initial set can take anywhere from 90-120 minutes depending on if you start with a partial or full set. As your natural lash grows, the eyelash extension grows with it, resulting in natural shedding, meaning there is absolutely no damage to your natural lashes. Refill appointments are typically every 3-4 weeks depending on your lifestyle and natural lashes. 

Whether you decide to keep up with your eyelash extensions or only get them for the holiday season or special event, our team, Kristina, Emily, or Melanie will make you look and feel beautiful.

Your comfort and safety has always been our number one priority, but in light of the COVID-19 outbreak we have upgraded our safety measurements even further. Carmella and her entire staff are OSHA BPP (bloodborne pathogen) certified – guaranteeing proper sanitation protocols are followed. Our Studio complies with all CDC requirements, we have installed an ozone air filter for proper air circulation, and use an ultraviolet sterilizer for all supplies. All appointments are one-on-one.


“Love the services I get; this group is so professional and are true artists. I recommend them highly.”                         ~ Sara T.

“My experience was wonderful, starting with my thorough consultation. I never felt rushed and always felt like my needs were addressed. Kristina is a true artist.”  ~ Bev

“A hidden secret that I no longer can keep quiet! These girls do not disappoint!”~ Anne T.

To schedule your eyelash extension appointment, text or call The Permanent Cosmetic and Lash Studio at 610-883-0636 or check out our website

About The Artist

Kristina Alibrando is a licensed cosmetologist specializing in permanent cosmetics and Russian Volume eyelash extensions. Kristina is one of the youngest members of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and is an Associate Member of The American Academy of Micropigmentation. Kristina has been performing eyelash extensions for 8 years and specializes in Volume eyelash extensions, an advanced certification she acquired from one of the industry’s most reputable trainers in New York City. With this certification, Kristina is skilled at customizing a client’s individual eyelashes by volume, curl, and length. Kristina regularly works on clients from across the east coast and encourages you to schedule your holiday eyelash extension appointment now!