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Microblading Vs. Shaded Brow?

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By Melisa A. Ferriola, CPCP


Lasting Looks Spa of Hockessin has celebrated over 10 years of empowering women to love the body they were given and to invest in maintaining their natural beauty. Brittany Lennon, the newest addition to the Lasting Looks Spa staff, chose her career path for that exact reason.

Beginning at the age of nine Brittany struggled with hair loss and remembers penciling in her eyebrows every morning before middle school. “I became self-conscious about my brows early on,” Brittany said, “I’ve been drawing them on for as long as I can remember.”

Her Permanent Cosmetics journey began at Lasting Looks, meeting with owner Melisa Ferriola for a Consultation. Brittany had searched high and low for a trustworthy technician in the area, and she came across Melisa’s name numerous times, reading reviews from clients and physicians. “I just remember being blown away by the atmosphere of the Spa, her passion for changing lives, and the sense of relief I felt after the consult,” she said. “I knew I was in great hands.”


Brittany received Microblading for her first procedure with Melisa. Microblading is the technique used to create hair-like strokes in the brow, giving the appearance of a full set of eyebrows. This technique has taken the Social Media world by storm, and is common for those with sudden hair loss, or alopecia.

Brittany was eager to return to Lasting Looks for her second application to show Melisa what had happened during the healing process. Her eyebrow hair had grown in! “It’s called Spontaneous Hair Growth,” Melisa explained, “it’s not common, but it does happen.”

From that moment on, Brittany said her future was clear. Coincidently, Melisa was presented with the opportunity to hire another permanent cosmetic artist. The two came together by fate and Brittany joined the Lasting Looks team within the following year. “It was more than just a job offer,” Brittany said, “Melisa knew I was emotionally invested.”

Social Media has increased interest in Permanent Cosmetics, and there has been a surge of these procedures at the Spa. Lasting Looks has seen both the upside and the downside of this trend. It is clear there is a high demand for permanent cosmetics, but with that has come a waive of untrained or poorly trained technicians attempting to cash in on the popularity.

As an employee, Brittany was trained by Melisa with over 100 hours of home study, classroom lecture and hands-on applications. Once Brittany passed her exam and became a member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, she began working as a Micropigmentation Specialist at Lasting Looks. She works together with Melisa on conquering the issues between the community and the Permanent Cosmetics industry. They are both working diligently to increase awareness of these issues, and encouraging uneducated technicians to seek immediate training. Although Brittany is already a member of The SPCP, Brittany will be taking her Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional exam this October during the National SPCP Conference in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lasting Looks offers free consultations for anyone interested in learning more about Permanent Cosmetic options, whether new or corrective. Brittany offers permanent eyeliner and eyebrow procedures at Lasting Looks on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, plus every other Saturday. To schedule a Free Consultation, Call 302-635-7327 or book online at For interest in learning more about The Academy of Permanent Cosmetics, send an email to [email protected].

Profile:  Lasting Looks is a unique day spa in Hockessin Corner – next to the Back Burner Restaurant and Jennifer’s Bridal. Our mission starts with the desire to empower women to take charge of their appearance and to put their best image forward. Our staff of estheticians can help meet all your skincare needs, as well as our unique services like eyelash extensions and permanent cosmetics.