Be Balanced Franchise Opportunities

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For the first time, franchise opportunities are now being offered to address one of the biggest issues that American women face; stubborn weight gain and PMS/Menopausal symptoms.  This is a silent epidemic, affecting more than 45 million American women.  Infinity Health Advisors has decided to expand beyond its home base in central PA, and offer franchises in the rapidly growing business of its BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers.

Since its launch in 2008, the flagship center has attracted widespread attention, and market demand is rapidly growing.  Expansion potential for this category is well documented with the weight loss market reporting $61 billion in revenue in 2013 and the hormone therapy market projected to reach $3.6 billion in revenue by 2017.

This epidemic amongst women over 35 is not being addressed by the medical or fitness community, so there is high demand for a solution.  The high demand, profitable business model, low cost of entry, aging population, and incredible referral volume make this franchise a lucrative opportunity.

BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers is home to the Becoming Balanced Hormonal Metabolic Correction program, which addresses the root cause of common PMS/menopausal symptoms, such as stubborn weight gain, as well as mood and sleep issues. Rather than rely on drugs and synthetic hormones to mask symptoms, or calorie-counting diets that can be ineffective for these women, the Center offers a patent-pending, all-natural protocol that is non-medical.  This protocol corrects the core cause of these and related problems, which is two specific hormone imbalances, and addressing the stress factor.

The Becoming Balanced HMC program was initially introduced by Dawn Cutillo, natural hormone expert and author of “The Hormone Shift”.  It is also endorsed by board certified medical and homeopathic professionals.

Dawn explains why this program has become so popular.  “We see many women frustrated by not getting results from traditional calorie-counting weight loss programs.  These women feel like no one understands their natural inability to lose weight. I have been there and understand, which is why I went to the root cause of the problem, to create a solution.  In just a few short years, it has dramatically changed the lives of thousands of women struggling with stubborn weight and other PMS/menopausal issues, myself included.”

Demand for “natural hormone balancing” is evidenced by the thousands of women who have benefitted from the protocol at the flagship center. “Women consistently lose 20 pounds a month on average, and enjoy improved sleep, mood, energy, and mental clarity,” says Dawn.  “Once hormones are balanced and PMS/menopause symptoms are alleviated, women feel better, and are more motivated to stick with an ongoing healthy lifestyle.  It’s that easy, and the dramatic results speak for themselves.”

Franchises are now available in exclusive territories for a total estimated investment ranging between $87,000 and $141,000, which includes the $39,000 franchise fee.  Franchisees receive the right to use the “BeBalanced” and “Becoming Balanced” trademarks and proven successful operating methods, enrollment in the training program, access to the proprietary products and protocol of the patent-pending Becoming Balanced program, support from center founder Dawn Cutillo and other staff, and ongoing training/sales/ marketing support.

For more information about franchise opportunities, go to or call BeBalanced Centers Franchise Director, David Cutillo, at 1-800-361-8060 or 717-341-9955 or email [email protected]