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ADHD: One Size Does Not Fit All

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Liz_Brown_jas16By Liz Brown, Be Well Life Coaching

Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD is a condition commonly known for the symptoms of inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. The truth is that ADHD has a multitude of symptoms and varies from person to person. The first step in successful treatment is assessing which symptoms are present and what impact they have on daily life.

One Size Does Not Fit All

One size does not fit all when treating ADHD. For instance, not everyone with ADHD is hyperactive. And when hyperactivity is present it can vary from fidgeting to inability to stay seated or still. Impulsivity is another common symptom and it can manifest as interrupting in conversation, impatience waiting in line, spending too much or even angry outbursts. Other symptoms may include sleep disturbances, difficulty planning, procrastination, lack of focus, forgetfulness, trouble managing time and belongings and hyper-focus.

Beyond the Classroom

Most think of ADHD as a disorder that mostly affects children and see it as primarily a school issue. ADHD impacts much more than school performance. Many can get through school without any issues, but once life gets more complex notice the negative impact on their life. ADHD impacts relationships, work performance, finances, home management and wellness.

Pills Don’t Build Skills

Medication is often used for the treatment of ADHD. While medication is often an essential part of an overall plan to manage ADHD, medication alone is not enough to build the skills that an individual with ADHD might be lacking. An integrative approach including support with time management, organization, effective communication and prioritizing can be very helpful.

Relationships May Suffer

Many of the symptoms of ADHD like forgetfulness, inattentiveness and impulsivity can create stress on relationships when the ADHD is not treated. Other symptoms like disorganization, poor money management, anger and lateness, can be frustrating for the non-ADHD partner. Resentment occurs when it seems like there is no improvement even when the behavior is clear to both partners. It is also very difficult for the ADHD partner who constantly feel shame and frustration. The good news is there are strategies to improve the management of the symptoms. In addition, when the unaffected partner gains education about ADHD they can help support their partner without doing everything for them.

Coaching Support For ADHD

An ADHD coach is a life coach who specializes in helping with the unique challenges of ADHD. The purpose of coaching is to facilitate lasting change by helping an individual gain self-awareness and learn new skills to reach personal goals. For instance, when working with my clients I: Help develop systems for managing and organizing time and belongings; Design strategies to manage and even control impulsive behaviors and thereby improve relationships; Identify an individual’s unique strengths which they can then use to mitigate weaknesses; Help a person overcome the procrastination and the overwhelm that often occurs in ADHD. And in all cases as your coach, I will provide support and helpful feedback as the plan unfolds and progress is made.

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“Liz helped bring awareness to the various ways my ADHD symptoms were influencing my life, so that I can continue to use my newfound skills and strategies in all areas of life.” ~ S.H. Newark, Delaware

“Individuals with ADHD often feel shame and embarrassment in their ability to ‘get it together’, which means having a coach with a compassionate attitude is crucial; Liz has that attitude as well as a deep knowledge base of ADHD treatment strategies.”  ~ L.S. Wilmington, Delaware


Liz Brown is an ICF Professional Certified Life, Wellness and ADHD Coach. Her mission is to help clients identify their personal and professional dreams, goals and visions and support them every step of the way to sustained success.

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