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The Healing Power Of Jewelry

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Presented By Ron Sayers, GIA

If you ask most people to name an item of jewelry, they would probably say engagement ring. It is true that a large portion of our business is based on bridal jewelry, but an equally large part of the jewelry industry is based on jewelry that connects us to one another.

At some point in every life there is an event that separates us. That could be a family member being deployed, going off to college, or even passing. This is where jewelry has the power to heal and connect us emotionally.

For those going to a foreign land to fight for our freedom, there is the comfort of wearing a necklace or ring with the fingerprint or photo of your loved one. A husband can have his wife’s fingerprint and the wife can wear her husband’s in silver or gold. Don’t forget the children, parents and grandparents. They can all have something to wear, touch, and look at, making them feel closer together till they can be together again.

For the happy occasion such as going away to college you might give diamond earrings or a heart necklace, or possibly a gold or silver charm depending on your relationship to the individual. You may be a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, boyfriend or girlfriend or just a close friend; it still shows your love.

Perhaps you have a loved one with a severe illness such as cancer, diabetes, or a heart condition. You can wear a ribbon in gold or silver with colored enamel that represents that diseases and show your love and support for the individual, or they may want to wear it themselves.  All of this has a comforting and healing effect on the loved ones involved and brings them closer together.

And then comes the saddest of occasions, the loss of a loved one. At Sayers Jewelers and Gemologists we have helped hundreds of families cope with their loss with fingerprint jewelry that any family member of any age can wear to remember a loved one.  We have supplied lockets for photos or lockets with a fingerprint as well as a compartment to hold ashes of the deceased. Rings, money clips and pocket knives can also have a fingerprint and be engraved with names, dates or favorite quotes. Another comfort we have given families is the repair or sizing of rings and restringing of pearls of the deceased for daughters, sons and grandchildren to wear. They can touch and enjoy the same jewelry as their loved ones and think of them every day. We have even duplicated rings and necklaces so multiple family members and loved ones can have a memory forever of the loved one.

Maybe you need a little gift to help with an apology? At Sayers Jewelers and Gemologists we can help you pick the perfect item that is just right for that occasion as well.


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