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3 Benefits Of Writing A Book For Your Business

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By Lois Hoffman

The Happy Self-Publisher

Imagine for a moment you’ve written a book—your name is on the cover with all your best insights and inspiration poured onto each page. You’re at an event, and someone asks what you do. You tell them, pause, then add, and I’m an author. 

If you are like many business professionals, you wonder if it’s really worth the effort to write a book. After all, it will take time away from your work or family, and you don’t know what you’ll get out of it. Still, the idea floats around your mind, curious to know what might come of it if you went down that path. 

Although the benefits are many, here are three powerful benefits of writing a book to grow your business.

Build Credibility

We all know that people buy from businesses they know, like, and trust. Whether you write a how-to or an inspirational book, you’ll drive customers to act because you’ve already proven that you are the solution to their problem. Especially if you are in a crowded market, your unique insights and perspective allow you to distinguish yourself in your field and stand out from the competition. Trust is hard to attain. Your book is the path to lead customers to you and make it easier to close the sale. This credibility can also open doors to other opportunities like speaking, teaching, or consulting.

Use as a Marketing Tool

Whether you sell your book, give it away as a promotional item, or use it to add value to other products or services, it is a valuable marketing tool to grow your business. It puts you in front of your target customer and sells your business for you. While others are handing out pens and other promotional materials, you give something of value they won’t throw away. It is distinctive. Used as a lead magnet, it attracts customers at the point of their greatest need and puts you in an optimal position to offer your solution. If selling your book is the focus, it has the potential to reach a wider audience than your other products or services alone.

Solidify Your Process and Philosophy

The process of writing a book requires close examination of what you believe about your business and what inspires and drives you to be the best. You’ll explore your vision for success in business and determine how the book ties into the action plan for getting you there. When your vision and purpose are clear to you, you can effectively communicate it to your potential customers and inspire them into action. 

By using the book writing process as a discussion point on social media and in other situations with your potential customers, you’ll open the doors for interaction and engagement. You’ll find out what your customers really want and need from you and be primed to deliver with excellence. Done well, your customers will co-create the solution with you.

And finally, you can address questions and objections that come up again and again. When you streamline your process for engagement with customers, you make each interaction more efficient and effective for a better user experience and a better bottom line.  

Although you’ll find many more benefits specific to your book, none may be as powerful as the confidence you’ll feel by writing and publishing it. Imagine that feeling and the ultimate impact on your business and your customers. That’s a story worth writing.

For expert guidance in writing, publishing, or marketing your book, please contact Lois Hoffman, The Happy Self-Publisher, at [email protected].


Lois Hoffman is the owner of The Happy Self-Publisher and author of Write A Book, Grow Your Business and The Self-Publishing Roadmap. She specializes in helping business professionals build credibility and differentiate themselves in the market by writing and publishing books about their area of expertise and is passionate about helping writers of all backgrounds share their stories with the world.


“If you don’t know what step to take next, Lois is the perfect coach to assist you along your journey and help you find the path that leads to your success!”  ~ Debbie G.