Publisher’s Note

Publisher’s Note

Publisher’s Note, The Women's Journal

2nd Quarter 2020

Dear Readers

Welcome to our spring 2020 issue of The Women’s Journal. Though we have been blessed with beautiful weather since January, we certainly have had much that has not been a blessing for the people of the world, and also for our economy. I have delayed writing my publisher’s note for over 3 weeks, since I have been trying to process just what is going on with the COVID-19 Virus. I have read every piece of information on the internet that I felt was actual information that I could trust, and it has been a tough process. 

If you are reading this publisher’s note, then you realize that we have not printed our second quarter papers, but we are now pushing our online version out to the public through our social media channels. I am sure that most people know that a large portion of our distribution is done through medical offices, and other areas of high traffic that are no longer available to us until things have gotten under control. Our plan is to reevaluate in a few weeks and to decide when the papers should be printed, so that we are not causing a risk to our drivers, nor to the public. 

If anyone had told me back in December that we would be dealing with so much turmoil in this country I would never have believed it possible. All I could think then was please let my back get better, and let politics go away. My back does feel much better, and I am sorry it has taken such a horrible situation to take politics off of the top headlines. I pray that all of our politicians from either side will stop thinking about party lines and work together to make this situation the least painful for everyone. Families are scared of losing loved ones, business are scared of losing their businesses, and people are scared of losing their jobs, and homes. Many are not prepared for what we have ahead of us. But I do believe that we will all make it through this and that we will hopefully be better people from what we have learned. Praying that this will all end soon, and that we will all be better people and neighbors, because of it.

    ~ Thank You, Pamela Rizzo, Publisher