Publisher’s Note


2nd Quarter 2018

When thinking of things that you want to do this spring, remember that Rome was not built in a day. Take it easy on the back and knees while doing your yard and garden preparation. Last spring, I managed to get a horrible flu while traveling in Texas, and for most of the summer I was so weak that I could hardly move. And this winter many have suffered the worst flu outbreak that we have had in many years, so don’t try to push yourself too hard.

We are making an effort to increase our Home & Garden section as well as our Automotive section, because we realize that we all need education in many more topics than what we have been able to provide you within past years. So, 2018 is our year of growth to bring you more topics and to make certain that you are able to make educated choices, because . . . “Smart Women Make Educated Decisions.”

Over the holidays I found out that I will be a great grandmother come June. Hopefully she will be a healthy, beautiful little girl that will add much joy and laughter to our life. I told one of my other granddaughters that it is up to us to make a difference in this beautiful child’s life, because it truly does “take a village to raise a child.” So many times, we forget this in our busy lifestyles. When asked how I manage family and work, I often admit that sometimes my job suffers because I put family first, and on occasion I put the job first. Let us hope that I have learned balance over the great many years I have been publishing this wonderful magazine!

The Women’s Journal is distributed free of charge, sponsored by our contributors, and is available in medical buildings, hospitals, doctors’ offices, recreation centers, libraries, bookstores, coffee shops, hair salons, supermarkets, and many other local businesses. Can’t put your hands on a copy? Just call us so we can help!

    -Thank You, Pamela Rizzo, Publisher


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