Publisher’s Note

2nd Quarter 2021

Dear Readers

I waited until the last minute to sit down and write this Publisher’s Note. I wanted it to feel current, but things seem to be changing daily. I recently received my second dose of the COVID vaccine. My experience getting the second dose was much better than the first time around. The state seems to have made a lot of improvements in the way they manage the logistics of trying to vaccinate so many people in such a short time. So, a big thank you to the group doing the vaccines at the Del-tech campus in Dover.

Unfortunately, since I wrote my last Publisher’s Note, I lost a friend. My friend Joanie and her husband George both got COVID in December. Joanie was hospitalized.  While George remained home alone, his symptoms grew more severe. By the time help arrived, he could not be saved. Joanie recovered, but now, like so many others, she must face life alone without the partner she lived with for decades. It is hard to fathom all the pain and loss our friends and neighbors have faced in the past year.  

I feel blessed each day that my own family has not seen more tragedy during this time. The papers are still holding their own, and I hope that we will continue to stand strong and steady through this trying time. 

I must admit I have enjoyed getting to be at home more with my family, waking when my body tells me to, and then making certain that I take care of myself. I have been dealing with an issue with my back again, so it hurts to just have to look at my yard instead of being able to enjoy doing my gardening as I normally would. But this is where family has come through for me. My 28-year-old grandson has been a savior, doing all my odd jobs as I see them arise. Thank God for family. 

I hope that our readers will continue to enjoy the articles that our dedicated clients provide for your education and entertainment. As I peruse the paper, I have a real urge myself to go and enjoy some of the wonderful services that they write about. 

May our country pull together like it hasn’t in years and realize that we are some of the luckiest people in the world. Make sure you get your vaccine as soon as it becomes available. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones. Have a wonderful Spring, and please stay safe. 

If you can’t find a copy of the Women’s Journal do not hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected] 


Pamela Rizzo, Publisher