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When All Hope Is Gone Rediscovering Your Spirit and Will

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joe_white_fm12By Joe White
President and Founder of Get Life Coaching.
2008 Entrepreneurial Advocate of the Year

Perhaps you got here when you lost your job after 10 years, or your partner has left you for someone new, a medical illness, or even when you woke up with a birthday with a zero next to it. How you got here is less important than the fact that you are here. You are in the rut of life. Your desire, passion, and laughter are all gone. “All that is left” is the sinking feeling that tomorrow will be just like today… and that can’t be good.

I must admit I have been there… more than once. To be honest – it was being there – that lead me to change my life. I would love to tell you that I changed my life because I was inspired to help others and live my potential. Yet, the truth is – it was “out of desperation”, not ‘inspiration’ that I changed my life. I was at my darkest point, and if I didn’t change, I would not make it out alive. In the end it really doesn’t matter what drives you to change – as long as you change.

I am not saying that change is easy, actually staying the same is easier and change can be hard. It is easier to stay stuck in what is comfortable than to step outside what is familiar. The true measure is when we come to realize that we can not stay where we are any longer, and we must change now. For me it wasn’t when I overdosed or when my heart stopped or when the EMT had to bring me back to life; it was watching a TV infomercial for a set of personal development tapes that stated that they could change my life.

As Robert Frost wrote, “It is the road less traveled” and ‘that’ it is. I would like to share with you some core principles that I created to help me get out of the rut. Looking back, these have been the backbone of my personal transformation. Feel free to borrow them or…. heck, you can even keep them. You can revise them or add some of your own. Regardless of what you do, do something instead of just sitting there waiting to be run over.

1) When you don’t know what to do, do what you know…from your heart.

We get stuck in the paralysis of fear. Our solutions rest inside of us. Go into your heart and take action.

2) There is always another move.

Feeling ‘there are no more options’ is like walking the plank on a pirate ship. There are always options, even if you can’t see them yet!

3) Everything is here to serve me.

One of the most powerful ones. Everything in nature is here to serve something other than itself. The same is true with you and your life. Just because you cannot see how it serves you yet, doesn’t mean that it does not serve you.

4) The only way I fail is if I give up…. Don’t ever give up!

Make it easier to feel better about yourself. You can’t measure your success by every little battle or you will lose the war. Look further for your answer and deeper for your solution.

5) All I need is within me now.

When you make your wants into needs it is always a recipe for disaster. Recognize as they did in the Wizard of Oz… that all you really need in life is already within you.

Everything is seasonal. Every winter turns into spring and night into day. If you are in winter, your spring is coming. It always does.

In closing, remember this… no problem, event, setback, or anything is greater than who you are at your core.

I wish you love and passion… Live Free!


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~ Michele Micola

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