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Type 2 Diabetics Metformin: Friend Or Foe?

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Dr Heather Rooks

Dr. Heather Rooks, DC

There are over 25 million Americans who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. For this growing sub-population of people most if not all of them have been prescribed the most popular oral medication called Metformin.  Metformin is now believed to be the most widely prescribed “anti diabetic drug” in the world. In the U.S. alone, more that 48 million prescriptions were filled in 2010. In 2009 Metformin sales alone “raked in” $52 million in sales for drug companies.

One of the issues that has long shocked, saddened and at times infuriated me is that many diabetics are not aware of the potential negative side-effects of their prescribed drugs. In addition, many diabetics are  not even aware that their prescribed drugs can be very dangerous. Yet many diabetics are often plagued with a “laundry list” of negative symptoms that upon close inspection are often the same symptoms listed as possible side-effects by the manufacturer of the drug.

As an example let us investigate METFORMIN.

Here is a list of the most common potential adverse effects associated with Metformin.

1. Gastrointestinal upset

2. Diarrhea

3. Stomach Cramps

4. Nausea

5. Vomiting

6. Increased Flatulence

7. Lactic Acidosis (especiall with liver and kidney dysfunction)

8. Increases TSH in patients with Hypothyroidism (worsening the condition)

9. Decreases testosterone in men

10. **Increases Homocysteine levels

11. Vitamin B12 deficiency

You see, I have been supporting and showing many diabetics over my professional career how to reverse diabetes and here is a general list of symptoms they suffer with and have reported to me over the years.

Metformin can be associated with the following symptoms: Cold-like symptoms, Headache, Indigestion, Gas and bloating, Weight Gain, Allergic reactions such as: rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, swelling of the mouth, lips, face, tongue, blurred vision, bone pain, chest pain, dark urine, difficult or painful urination, dizziness, fainting, difficulty breathing, general feeling of being unwell, muscle pain, irregular heartbeat, unexplained weight gain, sleep disturbance,  sexual dysfunction, swollen ankles and feet.

The question is..DO you have any of the above symptoms? Well if you are like many of my diabetic patients you may have many of the above symptoms.

Have you ever thought your poor quality of life could be related to the drugs you are taking?

What I propose is you consider an alternative or at least compliment to a one-drug-after-another-approach. An alternative that has been shown over time clinically and in the literature to be very effective at reversing TYPE II Diabetes while reducing and eliminating your dependence on potentially dangerous drugs.

My passion for showing patients how to reverse their type II diabetes (yes, it’s possible) while getting off medication is both a huge blessing and curse at the same time.

I am blessed because it is a privilege and a thrill to see diabetics begin to return to normal health and how that impacts not only their life, but the life of their family and loved ones. A real honor to have a patient thank me for showing them how to reverse their diabetes, and be able to walk away from a medicine cabinet full of drugs they either hated or were hesitant to take.

It has also been a curse because it is so hard to reach the millions who are suffering. Many diabetics are not educated properly about their condition and the choices they have in health care and because of this they tent do only live in a false reality of a “you- need-more-drug’s” society. The PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES love that many diabetics live in that reality, but I think you would agree…it’s getting ridiculous!

It is because of my passion and your need that I have taken the liberty to share this information, it is my hope , this information may find you, one diabetic of many millions, in a place where you still have the hope, motivation,  and the life force within you to overcome and reverse YOUR DIABETES!

As senior clinic director, Dr. Rooks is skilled and experienced at treating the root physiological, biochemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with Type 2 Diabetes and with Hypothyroidism.

Dr. Rooks uses breakthrough diagnostic testing and analysis that’s rarely done in conventional settings, to uncover the hidden, underlying causes a person may be experiencing from Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. She also takes great pride in delivering personalized healthcare treatment to patients as well as providing an environment that supports and inspires patients to reverse their poor health. Dr. Rooks graduated from the University of Delaware, with a BA in Biology and has a Minor in Women’s Studies.  She attended Life University for her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and has extensive Postgraduate education in Functional Endocrinology.Outside the office, Dr. Rooks enjoys being with her Cream French bulldog, Romeo, traveling and consciousness raising activities, spiritual retreats and humanitarian mission trips.  She also loves Yoga and any kind of fitness.




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