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Trapped By Fear? Breaking Free And Being Free

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get_life_coaching_joe_white_feb10_sqBy: Joe White
President and Founder of Get Life Coaching
2008 Entrepreneurial Advocate of the Year

Life is difficult. That was the first sentence of the very first personal growth book I ever read some 20 years ago. A friend gave me M. Scott Peck’s, The Road Less Traveled.

I thought it was a peculiar gift – it was given to me at the height of my addiction to drugs. I remember asking my friend what the book was about and they said, “Just read it.”     It took me two years before I finally picked it up, and it took another five years until I finished it. Those first three words – Life is short – were unforgettable to me, and I remember thinking, “Who would start a self help book like that?” Almost two decades later, those words and their meaning still ring true.

Yes, life is difficult… now get over it, because it will never change. You can, however, focus on
what you CAN change and that, my friend, is you.

For over 11 years, I have had the privilege of personally working with thousands of individuals. I’ve worked with everyone from top business professionals to individuals stuck in destructive emotional patterns. I have worked with women who had to overcome personal childhood trauma to create a loving and balanced life. I have coached couples with the divorce papers on the table waiting to be signed, and they were able to find love again. No matter how powerful or subtle the change was, there has always been one constant: We must face what we fear. We need to either embrace fear and go through it or begin the painful stock piling of regrets that begins with, “If I had only…” There is one guarantee: either master your fear, or become enslaved by it. The choice is yours.

Fear is an interesting element. I read once that the acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Living in fear, fear becomes the lens that we see life through. It taints all of life’s experience. It strips away self esteem and self worth as it feeds upon itself. You can not just ignore it because the more you ignore it, the more it grows in size and power. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is like throwing gasoline on a fire to put the fire out. Bad idea! Fear grows in the dark and dies in the light of exposure. Time to shed some light on it…

You break free from your fear by suffocating it, giving it no room to breath or to grow. I adopted a phrase many years ago: “If I can’t, I must.”
In other words, if I say I can’t do something, I automatically do it.

I don’t let fear fester or become embedded. By adopting this new standard, you  will revolutionize your life. It will force you to step up and face those things which make you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or that you fear. Fear can’t grow when you are always knocking it down, but what will grow is you. You develop amazing emotional muscles. What once seemed hard will begin to become easier. You will look for new opportunities to grow instead of hiding in the shadows. You become liberated from what once held you back.

Until next time… I wish you love and passion. Live Free!  ~ Joe

“WOW!!! What an absolutely life changing experience. I highly
recommend this to anyone.”  ~ Nicole Oleski