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There’s a brand new way to stretch your design budget … and it involves the internet! Making the Most of your Decorating Dollars!

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rita_s_wilkins_design_services_ltd_am11_sqRita S. Wilkins, President
Design Services, Ltd.

Take a look at the housing market today and you’ll see that lots of things have changed.

Selling one’s home can be almost impossible; many home owners are opting to stay put and update or add newer amenities. Some seniors would prefer to stay in their homes (aging in place) instead of making the disruptive move to a retirement community. Some may be empty nesters or in the midst of downsizing to smaller homes. Maybe they are trying to blend two residences into one home that truly represents the best of both tastes. Or, they are interested in “do-it-yourself” projects but need a jump start on space planning or color selection.

I asked myself: How can I offer interior design assistance
for those who cannot afford the luxury of a full service interior design firm?
That’s where the convenience of on-line decorating comes in.

Having spent 38 years offering full service interior design, I recognize that there is a tech savvy market that wants and needs high quality, personalized, yet affordable design via an on-line format. That is why I created a new division of Design Services, Ltd. called: My Online Decorator.

On clients are led
step- by- step through a personalized interior design process.

The Design Questionnaire helps you identify your design needs by identifying the uses of your room. It also hones in on your specific likes and dislikes along with what you love in decor design.

Next, (guided by an easy instruction sheet) you’ll measure your room and take photos of any furniture that you want to keep in your new space. You’ll e-mail this information back to My Online Decorator

And that’s it!

As soon as the design team at My Online Decorator receives your information, our experienced designers will begin the design process. In only 3 days–instead of many weeks and meetings– you’ll receive a package from us, complete with space planning, color palettes and suggestions for furniture and placement so that you can begin implementing your new plan in your own timeframe.

The benefit of on-line decorating services is that it saves a client
time and money and you can get the expertise of a professional team day or night.
It is perfect for those who want to strategically utilize
just a few of our many available interior design services.

Of course, Design Services, Ltd. still offers the full service interior design for which we’ve always been known–for many clients, that is their first choice.  But with the addition of My Online Decorator, there are many more choices available for professional design assistance.  When it comes to stretching your design dollars, having lots of options is a good thing.

Looking for that perfect gift? Go to www.MyOnlineDecorator. com

Rita is the President of Design Services, Ltd., as well as principal designer and project manager. With over 35 years experience in design and management, her approach to design is both aesthetic and business-like. She is known to be a highly effective “hands-on” designer with extensive knowledge and expertise in dental, medical, and commercial interiors.

She is a graduate of University of Rhode Island, attended Rhode Island School of Design and University of North Carolina.
Having received numerous design awards, she has been published in a variety of national publications


“I love ‘doing it myself’ and  My Online Decorator gave me the tools I needed to get started without the worry of guessing if my furniture would fit in the room. And it was so easy and quick. What a lifesaver!”     ~D. Paulsen, San Francisco

“I needed help in turning a small bedroom into an efficient home office. My Online Decorator designed a great plan, maximizing my space without losing critical efficiency. They suggested furniture that met my needs for storage and work space. I will definitely use them again!”     ~F. Knauss, Atlanta

“We were blending our two homes into one and My Online Decorator successfully helped us to design one space that suits each of us perfectly. They took all the worry out of the process.”      ~A. Lyons, Colorado

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