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The Time Has Come.

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By Anna Marie Mazoch, D.D.S.

Have you considered improving the look of your smile but been stopped by one of these reasons?

•  My kids come first. I have to pay for their braces, new car, college tuition….

•  I’m too busy with work, I don’t have time….

•  I don’t want a Hollywood smile, with big, fake white teeth….

•  When I was younger, I had a bad experience at the dentist’s office and am too afraid….

•  I can’t afford it….

Have you considered these responses?

•  My children are grown; it’s time to take care of myself.

•  I can make the time when my health, well-being and self esteem are concerned.

•  I can choose the look and shade of my smile.

•  With modern techniques and a caring office, dentistry is so much easier and more comfortable nowadays.

•  I spend money on my hair, car, nails, hobbies, (fill in the blank); why not invest in my smile?  Payment plans are available so that I can spread out my payments.

Consider the following case.

Mr. A. came to our office as a new patient three years ago, complaining of pain and a broken down tooth. After a root canal and filling, he decided that he had put off comprehensive dental care for too long a time. He wanted to have his teeth “look clean and healthy, but not like a movie star. He was 60 years old and had taken good care of his family his entire life. He was embarrassed by his smile, especially since he met with clients routinely. The time for investing in himself had come.

Our treatment consisted of a full series of x-rays, a comprehensive oral evaluation and fabrication of diagnostic models to develop a plan for the sequence and cost of treatment. The next step was minor periodontal treatment to attain good and stable health of the gums and bone (the foundation upon which we build our subsequent treatment). Next, all the cavities were removed and the teeth were restored with fillings. We could have stopped there, but Mr. A. wanted to be able to eat without worrying that his teeth might break and to look better and feel better about his appearance. Further treatment consisted of one implant (several more are planned for the future), bonding of the lower teeth, and crowns and one veneer for the upper teeth.

The before and after photos illustrate the natural appearance of his new smile and he couldn’t be more pleased with the result.  Perhaps the time has come for you to take care of YOU. Just make an appointment to see what we can do for you.


“It’s quite evident in the before photos that I avoided the dentist. I was so thankful when a friend referred me to Dr. Mazoch. She is so kind and helps you to relax, which helped me to finally make my decision to restore my smile. I wished I had met her years ago! I am so comfortable with my new smile that I had almost forgotten how bad it once was.”        ~  Mr. Patient A.

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This month we are featuring Dr. Mazoch in our staff spotlight.
Dr. Mazoch is a native of Bridgeport, Ohio, graduating with her bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in Athens.
She moved to Chicago, Illinois, to attend Dental School at Northwestern University. Her dormitory (mandatory for the first year of dental school) was a former Naval Officer training center on famous Lake Shore Drive.

After graduation, Dr. Mazoch worked for several years in Cincinnati, a city where she met her future husband, Edward Blanchard.  Edward finished his PhD. in physiology at the University of Cincinnati and then they moved to Vermont, where Dr. Mazoch established her practice in the state capital of Montpelier.
They lived in the country, rode horses, gardened, renovated their 100 year old farmhouse and had two children, Alexander (Alex) and Anastasia (Stacey). In 1997, she and her family moved to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, where they still reside.
Their children attended Unionville schools, with Alex completing his BA in History and Government and his Law degree from the University of Virginia, and Stacey completing her BA in Fashion Merchandising from the University of Delaware.

Dr. Mazoch loves to work in her flower garden, practice yoga, walk for exercise and paint (oils are her medium). She and Ed love to spend time in Annapolis and hope to soon obtain a boat for fun on the water; her motive for a boat purchase is to be able to entice future grandchildren to visit her – and her boat!

Dr. Mazoch bought her existing practice from Dr. David Annand in 2001 and has been growing, modernizing, remodeling, and improving ever since. Her main area of interest is, and always has been, her relationships with her patients.  Patients always come first. Every procedure, recommendation, new equipment, staff hire and continuing education course is determined by whether or not it is in her patients’ best interest.  She and her team try to make their patients’ visits as enjoyable as possible by striving hard to be on time, providing fresh, free beverages, listening to and acting upon new ideas taken from surveys, furnishing music and ear buds to drown out noise, providing blankets for cold patients and fans for hot patients, trying to allay whatever anxieties our patients may have.

Her most recent acquisition is a buffering pen which reduces the “burn” of the local anesthetic as it enters the tissue. It has been very successful in diminishing the discomfort of lidocaine injections. Onset is quicker and duration of anesthesia is longer with this device. There is no extra charge for this rather expensive addition to our equipment.

Dr. Mazoch recently made the decision to no longer charge patients for the Velscope light examination. This light provides an aid to her visual oral cancer evaluation by focusing in on areas of inflammation which may be precancers. She feels that, after several years of a modest additional fee for this exam, her costs have been covered,
so why not provide the service free of charge.

All of us at Dr. Mazoch’s office would love to show you our hospitality and friendliness.  Why don’t you visit our website or give us a call to set up an appointment today?