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Taking A Fresh Look At Your Sentimental Jewelry

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Rhodium Plating:

Rhodium Plating can be used to modernize Yellow Gold Jewelry by simply turning into White Gold Jewelry.  In the case of White Gold Jewelry, a quick Rhodium dip will make it shine like new. Rhodium can be done for a minimal cost (as low as $25 per piece). I have found that many people are just not that familiar with the Rhodium Process or terminology.

Allow me to clarify a bit:

Do you ever wonder why your White Gold starts to look a bit dull as the years go on? The reason for this is that Gold in its purest form is GOLD in color, to produce White Gold producers must add alloys such as silver or another whitish metal which will bring the pure Gold to as white as possible, usually ending up in  milky whitish yellow color. After the White Gold is produced into a piece of jewelry it is then Rhodiumed to bring the final shine to the gold, many people are not aware that Rhodium plating is simply the final process in making White Gold Jewelry.

The Rhodium will wear over time and will need to be redone occasionally; much like your house needing a spring cleaning. Rhodiuming your Jewelry is a very inexpensive bit of yearly maintenance for your White Gold Jewelry. Rhodium plating in most cases can be done while you take a look around our store.

Redesign and Reinventing:

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have had someone in my store who is there to sell some of their Jewelry and they are just clutching onto one piece. Usually, this is the piece that they don’t want to sell because they do have some attachment to it, but know it will just continue to sit there in the box, unused. Nine times out of ten they are just saving that piece to show me last as they are sad to part with it. I always recognize this and beat them to it by asking: “That’s one you really don’t want to sell isn’t it?, Tell me about it”…. I then will recommend a redesign almost to the point of refusing to let them sell it.  We usually spend a little time chatting and drawing up a few different options and even incorporate other items they already own to save them some money. In the end my client gets to keep a sentimental piece that has been reinvented into a piece that they will wear and treasure for even longer.


Please do not forget to stop in periodically to have you pieces checked for loose stones, broken prongs or just a spring cleaning! We now feature an in-house Bench Jeweler that is available to do work sometimes while your wait or with same day service.