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Take Control Of Your Incontinence With Physical Therapy

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By Karen Widdoes, PT, Cert. MDT,
Women’s Health Specialist, ATI Physical Therapy

Have you ever experienced “little leaks” while exercising, coughing, or sneezing?
Do you leak before getting to the bathroom?  Do you have a strong urge to urinate as soon as you park the car in your driveway or put your key in the door? While urinary incontinence is common, it should never be considered normal. Many women believe that because of their age or number of children they have, urinary incontinence should be accepted as inevitable or permanent. This is not the case.

Help is available and it does not have to involve medication or surgery. Proper evaluation and treatment by a licensed physical therapist with specialty training in Women’s Health can help and often alleviate these symptoms.

ATI Women’s Health physical therapists are highly specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation and treat women of all ages with these issues.  Treatment, which usually only requires 1-2 visits per week, includes thorough evaluation of the pelvic floor muscles, proper instruction on exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (Kegel exercises) and home exercise program. Most women will see improvement within the first two weeks of starting treatment and success can be measured by fewer trips to the bathroom, longer periods of sleep at night and reduction/elimination of pads during the day. Any woman dealing with these issues should ask their healthcare provider for a referral to a physical therapist who is specialty trained in women’s health so she can resume normal function for work, exercise, and play.

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