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Summertime Is A Great Time To Lose weight!

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everett_medical_dr_linda_sqBy: Linda G. Everett,

Although we tend to be more active during the summer, the changes in our usual routine due to vacations, more frequent cook outs, and the break from school for the kids make choosing the right foods a lot more challenging. Here are the answers to the most common predicaments that arise during the summer:

Q     I go to the beach every weekend, how am I supposed to diet when there are funnel cakes and French fries everywhere?
A    Save money and calories by making use of the grill that is provided at most beach hotels and rentals. You can grill vegetables, chicken breast, and fish with ease. Also, take advantage of the ocean air by scheduling daily walks on the beach. Beach volley ball is also a great thing for the more sports inclined.

Q    The kids are off for the summer so there are more tempting snacks in the house. How do I stay on track?
A    This is the perfect time to get the kids on board with you in living a healthy lifestyle. There is a little less peer pressure so you will have more influence on their eating decisions. Get them acquainted with wonderful fruits, nuts, low fat cheese, yogurt, and vegetables with a variety of lower fat dips to make them interesting. These are finger food the whole family can enjoy in between meal times while receiving necessary nutrients.

Q    Every time I turn around, someone is having a party. What do I do?

A    Go and have fun! Eat a healthy, fulfilling meal before you head out to the event so that you won’t be as tempted to misbehave. Socialize and get re acquainted with old and new friends. Remember, the one who talks the most eats the least.

Q    How does alcohol affect my weight loss efforts?
A   Not only is alcohol high in empty calories (7 calories per gram, to be exact), it promotes fat storage, particularly in the belly. It also stimulates the appetite and impairs dieters’ sense of will power. Mixers are often high in sugar, adding on even more calories. To drink “safely”, alcoholic consumption should be limited to 1 daily for women, and 2 daily for men. At least 2 days per week should be alcohol free, and binge drinking should be avoided.

Q    It’s too late for me to improve my body at this late date. Shouldn’t I just wait until next spring to get started?

A    Absolutely not!! It’s never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle. Even if you don’t achieve that six pack in time for this beach season, you will be well on your way towards having it for that winter vacation in the Caribbean. What’s more, you will feel better, have more energy, and maybe even live longer.

Dr. Linda G. Everett is the founder and medical director of Everett Medical: Weightloss and Age Management. Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Age Management Medicine. Dr. Everett has extensive training and experience in Bariatric and Preventive Medicine. She received her undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University, and her medical degree from Jefferson Medical College. Dr. Everett is on the medical staff of both Christiana Care Health System and Jennersville Regional hospital, and is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.