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Planning A Wedding… Don’t Forget The “First Dance!”

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dance_YvonneBy Yvonne M. Cimo

My goal, as a ‘Social Dance Instructor’ Is to help people feel good about how they look when they step out onto a dance floor.  I want them to feel confident, and at ease.  Whether my students are learning just one dance for a wedding or learning several dances for a variety of social possibilities. The goal is the same: teach, encourage and equip a student to experience and enjoy the Gift of Dance.

It is said that “Dancing is the Vertical Expression of a Horizontal desire”.  Many years ago we heard this beautiful Rumba Called “Vertical Expression” we use this simple beautiful music to help couples relax and think about dance in a non threatening way.  They listen to the words, they smile; the guys start to feel a little bolder with the sentiments expressed in the song. Then, we teach a few easy steps to an American Box Rumba.  Before long, they are moving together in perfect timing enjoying each other, the dance, and their own ‘Vertical Expression’

The custom of a “First Dance” May go back to ancient times…But today the first dance reflects the traditions of the great European balls in which the guests of honor “opened” the floor for the rest of the dances.  Exactly like an old-fashioned ball, the idea is that the bride and groom, as the guests of honor, open the reception.


I have included a few tips to help you have the perfect “First Dance”

You should try to visit the reception site ahead of time. Know the size of the dance floor and try to practice your dance using the same approximate space.   Try to picture where the band or DJ will set up and where you will be when they announce your “First Dance”.  Will you need to cross the room? How would you like to be announced? Where will you stand to start the dance?

Your entrance onto the dance floor:   Stay relaxed.  Remember that people will be watching your faces and not your feet.  Turn to each other, take a second to reassure each other with your glance, take a breath, take a dance position and start moving when you are ready -It is ok to pause and you need not start on the first beat of music that you hear – starting a few seconds into the song is ok. Remember to smile… even if you stumble or miss a step—your guests will be looking at your faces and their hearts will be warmed by the look of love and the brilliant smiles and support that you give each other.

Plan for the unexpected to happen… Your dance, no matter what you do, will be a beautiful expression of your love, and a great symbol of your future life together.  Your guests will love anything you do. No matter what happens during your first dance…just keep dancing, enjoy the thrill of this special time together and just have fun and enjoy your first dance!   And no matter what last minute steps the groom improvises….follow him anywhere!

“My husband and I decided that we wanted our First Dance for our wedding to be special and spectacular!  Yvonne from Dance Moves and Manners made that possible…..she was wonderful in how she  instructed us and encouraged us to keep dancing and practicing.  She had so much patience with Richard and me. We were a challenge for her since neither one of us had ever danced the Tango but that was the dance we wanted to do for our wedding. They made the experience fun and enjoyable…we had many laughs and unique moments. We had a wonderful experience with our dance lessons, it brought us closer together as a couple and we had so much fun with it. The day of our wedding was just perfect. The Tango went just perfect. We followed Yvonne and Stephen’s advice…”Remember this is about you as a couple …you are the only ones on the dance floor …take a deep breath look into each other’s eyes and let Richard lead.” Our guest are still talking about our Tango Dance….it was hot and sassy!!”     ~Corina Jenkins Perez

The First Dancecan set the tone for the entire wedding!
Step Out With Style

Give the Gift of Dance
A Gift Certificate for Dance Lessons may be the perfect gift for a soon-to-be-married couple.  Give them Confidence – Give them the Gift of Dance

Give the Gift of Dance

A Gift Certificate for Dance Lessons may be the perfect gift for a soon-to-be-married couple.

Give them Confidence – Give them the Gift of Dance

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