Making The Irreplaceable, Unforgettable

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By Roy McDowell, Owner, Royal Photography

Valuing what you hold most dear:
The beauty, the love, and the unspoken feelings that turn each moment into a memory. Your wedding is a day you’ll never want to forget. W hen choosing a Wedding Photographer, make sure they will narrate the story of your wedding day through photojournalism, creative lighting techniques, and posing that captures the emotions, hopes, and dreams of you and those you’ve chosen to share your special day.

Royal Photography offers a wide variety of wedding packages to meet all of your needs. With leather bound albums, parents’ albums, and individual pictures, Royal Photography allows you and everyone in your life to cherish your wedding memories forever.

Over the past 18 years, Royal Photography’s owner, Roy McDowell, has captured “that” moment for more than 300 brides and grooms and preserved high school memories too numerous to count. Such exposure has led Roy to become one of the most recognizable photographers in Delaware. He creates a lasting impression, not only of an event, but of himself. The pride, precision, and passion he exudes has compelled brides-to-be to track down, “the photographer who took their senior portrait years before.”

Roy exhibits this same commitment and customer service when working with the many schools and businesses  with which he’s managed contracts. “The consumer drives the product I provide; not the other way around.”

With the help and support of family, friends, and business associates, Roy McDowell strives to achieve his goal of providing an unforgettable experience with superior photographs, exceptional focus, and lasting relationships.

Contributing Author Erin Seims