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Jewelry Therapy . . . Yes You Read That Right

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By Nick Dellaquila

Roberta Kozak, Nick Dellaquila, & Corey Grabowksi, Jewelry Exchange Of Delaware Family

So, can buying or selling jewelry be therapeutic? In my experience, the answer is a resounding yes. How you might ask? Well for starters jewelry usually carries with it strong emotion. Either emotions of sentiment, passion or even at times resentment. Given this emotion a visit to a full service jewelry store can do wonders for the mind, body and soul.

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Selling Therapy – 

Part of our business is specializing in buying jewelry. Some of the items we buy are simply stuff that has been sitting around unused. Other times it is jewelry that is still enjoyed however there is a need for money due to various personal reasons. These situations, while attached to the emotion of gaining additional money are not quite as cathartic as the last group of people we see coming in to sell jewelry. The most emotional selling clients we see by far, are those that come to purge themselves of past bad relationships and those that have inherited several items and need help sorting it all out. Those who are purging, seem to have somewhat of a weight around their neck removed. It is truly amazing to see the difference in body language before and after the transaction. For those who have inheritances the experience is more of a casual walk through of the items they have with recommendations on what they should keep for sentimental reasons, what could be let go and additionally what we can redesign for them to enjoy.

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Buying Therapy- 

Well this one is pretty self-explanatory. However, let’s not kid ourselves here. Jewelry is not a necessity of life, per se (although many people would beg to differ). Jewelry is a luxury item, plain and simple. Now, with any luxury item, be it handbags, jewelry, fine dining, cars, boats etc. there is one thing very much in common – passion. People only spend money on luxury items they are passionate about. So, a visit to a jewelry store, even just to browse is a highly exciting even intoxicating event at times for those that are passionate about jewelry. This excitement can cause a casual visit to have a lasting effect on the jewelry shopper’s mood and sense of well-being – even if they do not purchase a single thing. We have several of our most loyal clients that stop in weekly on lunch breaks just to browse and chat. They compare it to being on a diet as the visit has a satiating effect on them that fills their emotional sweet tooth and they leave having less cravings for sweets throughout the rest of their work day. Crazy as it sounds that almost makes sense.

So, while a visit to the jewelry store may not cure all ailments, it may be a good place to start whether you find yourself in need of a new piece, need to sell some jewelry or just love jewelry. Jewelry therapy may just solve some of your problems and may just be a lot cheaper in the long run. If not, you can always trade this type of “therapy” in at any time.