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Delaware State University, Testing Services & Adult and Continuing Education provides a host of post-secondary learning and activity programs targeting traditional and non-traditional students and workforce employees across multiple categories. Our workshops and seminars cultivate transferrable soft skills that can be immediately applied to the workplace. Vocational/career training and credential-based test delivery are facilitated through our portfolio of over 100 programs and 58,000 exams that target every job industry. We are a national certified testing center. We adhere to the standards and guidelines of the National College Testing Association (NCTA). 

Job applicants and employee candidates gain access to our job-ready and career enhancement platforms that include career counseling, job-skills evaluation, vocational programs, and credentialed digital badging for all certifications. Transient students visiting the Central Delaware area benefit from our ability to partner with universities around the world to provide academic testing. 

Our outreach efforts are statewide, available to the public, and are accomplished through special learning services for professional development and enhancement. We offer youth enrichment and family engagement programs year-round. All programming is designed to adapt to changing technological and workforce development needs through careful assessment and planning. Our certification and training programs are aligned with the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) standards. 

We are committed and equally equipped to align our services throughout our customers’ lifecycle of employment and enrollment. Our customized employee training and professional development programs/workshops are developed to fit your needs to provide job retention and build upon the success of your company.

We have all you need and want at DSU. We are your one stop shop.