Does Your Child Need Tutoring?

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Article By Dr. Raymond J Huntington, Co-Founder of Huntington Learning Center

Even with summer in full swing, many parents cannot take a vacation from worry. They are often caught between concerns about last year’s final report card and their child’s readiness for school in the fall. Not every child who is struggling academically needs summer school, but many parents are considering another option:  tutoring.  How do you know if your child can benefit from tutoring?

As any parent knows, what children say and what they mean are not always the same. Sometimes, “I’m stupid” really means, “I need help with school.” When children are having difficulty learning, parents often become frustrated because they don’t know where to turn or how to help their child. The staff at Huntington Learning Center offers the following guidelines to determine if your child needs tutoring.

At report card time or during parent-teacher conferences, a teacher or school counselor has indicated that your child is having difficulty in one or more subject areas.

Your child’s grades have been dropping regardless of how much time he or she spends on studying and doing homework.

Your child experiences extreme anxiety before tests and/or resists going to school in the morning.
Both physical and behavioral problems may be exhibited by a
child with learning difficulties.

Your child shows signs of lacking motivation and confidence, and loses interest in learning, even in a subject he or she used to enjoy.

Your child dreads going back to school in the fall.

Children who exhibit any of these warning signs may benefit from tutoring. The Newark Huntington Learning Center offers diagnostic testing, individualized instruction, and personal attention to help students build skills, confidence, and motivation.

Parents who want additional information are encouraged to call the Huntington Learning Center in Newark at 302-737-1150.

About Huntington:

Founded in 1977, Huntington is a pioneer and leader in the tutoring industry. For over 35 years, Huntington has provided quality instruction to hundreds of thousands of students.  Huntington prides itself on being “Your Tutoring Solution” for students in all grades and subjects. They tutor in academic skills, such as reading, phonics, math and study skills; and in advanced math and science subjects ranging from algebra through calculus and general science through physics.  They also prepare students for state and standardized entrance exams,
such as high school entrance exams and the SAT and ACT and provide free school tutoring to eligible schools.
Learn more about Huntington at

Dr. Raymond J. Huntington  is co-founder of Huntington Learning Center, which has helped children achieve success in school for over 35 years.
For more information about how Huntington can help your child,
call 1-800-CAN-LEARN.

Does Your Child Need Tutoring?Maggie Lage is the Executive Director of the Huntington Learning Center in Newark, 34 Liberty Plaza, Kirkwood Hwy. Newark, DE  19711.

Founded in 1977, Huntington Learning Center has offered supplemental education services longer than any other provider. Parents often contact Huntington when they receive a particularly alarming report card or other communication saying their child is falling behind. Many also reach out to Huntington because they are concerned their child may have poor study skills, or difficulty in performing to grade level in reading and math.

Hear what parents are saying about Huntington

I just wanted to let you know that Courtney was offered a full tuition scholarship to Arcadia University. They told her that her ACT score was what really put her over the top…I know Courtney deserves the majority of the credit for all her hard work and dedication throughout her school career, and the extra effort she made this summer to take Huntington’s prep course and do additional homework over her break, but I really want to thank the teachers who worked with her and you, specifically, for suggesting she take the ACTS. I hadn’t ever considered that test, and no one at her school mentioned it either.

Maggie Lage is the Executive Director of the Huntington Learning Center in Newark

34 Liberty Plaza | Kirkwood Highway | Newark, DE 19711

For more information or to schedule a consultation at the Newark location

call 302-737-1150 or visit

Does Your Child Need Tutoring?