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Choosing The Right Exercise Plan

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lifetime_wellness_sqBy: Judy Ballis

Lifetime Wellness offers a unique exercise system using Therapeutic Exercise Machines.

Our system is designed specifically for the person who wants to look better and feel better but just can’t work up the energy to endure a traditional huff and puff exercise program.  Every day we hear that we should exercise but the dread factor is so great there is always a good excuse to put off starting an exercise program.  The “Baby Boomer Population” really calls to attention the huge number of people who need to exercise but just don’t.  Very few people have the willpower, health, energy or the appropriate amount of time each day to set aside for a traditional exercise program.  Now there is a proven, technological exercising breakthrough for people of all ages.  Regardless of the lack of willpower, the dislike of strenuous exercise or the lack of time, both men and women, can and will shape up and feel better using our Therapeutic Exercise Machines.

Individuals attend two (2), fifty (50) minute exercise treatments each week. lifetime_wellness_interior

Our system consists of exercising for ten (10) minutes on each of five (5) motorized machines that firm, tone and reduce inches in specific problem area s.  The equipment utilizes a combination of physical therapy and isometric movements to achieve increased muscle tone and flexibility without using weights of any kind.  The strain and fatigue associated with exercise are eliminated.  The machines enable the person to complete enough repetitions during one (1) exercise treatment to be equivalent to seven (7) hours of traditional exercise.

Everyone benefits both physically and psychologically from the immediate reduction of unwanted inches.

People feel energetic, healthy and confidant as they progress.  The tremendous increase in blood circulation without raising the heart rate, allows individuals with various medical conditions such as heart patients, stroke victims, and people with diabetes or high blood pressure, to use our machines.  Therapeutic Exercise Machines are an effective alternative when strenuous exercise is not possible, or simply not preferred.

We are so confident in the results using our Therapeutic Exercise Machines that we offer
one (1) complimentary treatment to everyone so they can feel for themselves
how incredible our machines will work for them.

Comparison of Traditional Exercise Programs & Therapeutic Exercise Machines

1. Traditional – Use rollers, bels, weights, aerobics or strenuous floor exercises.  This makes it difficult or even impossible for people with health limitations such as certain heart or stroke patients, diabetes, high blood pressure, leg or vein problems, asthma or other respiratory problems.
– Machines are a combination of Isometric exercise movements and physical therapy.  Isometric exercise allows the person a maximum contraction while functioning within        his/her own limitations.  The person works along with the motion of each Therapeutic Exercise Machine, providing controlled resistance.

2. Traditional – Can be dangerous, if the muscle is overexerted.  Can cause injury to back or legs if not properly supervised while doing these exercises.
– 100% safe to use.  As the person becomes stronger he/she is able to increasingly exert higher levels of tension within a particular muscle group.

3. Traditional – Tears down a muscle group in order to build muscles.  This causes muscle aches and joint trauma, while it increases the heart rate.
– The machines increase blood circulation bringing oxygen and blook flow to the     extremities, without raising the heart rate.  This increases energy and flexibility.

4. Traditional – Since you must work up a sweat: You must wear workout clothes, usually leotards; Showering is necessary after each session; Hair needs to be dried and restyled, make-up needs to be reapplied.
– You do not work up a sweat:  Regular street clothes can be worn, long pants, a     shirt and socks; No showering is needed after using these motorized exercise machines; Saves        time and reduces commotion, no need to re-do.

5. Traditional – You need to work-out 3-5 times per week for 2 hours each session.
– Only two 50 minutes treatments per week = 14 hours of Traditional Exercise.

6. Traditional – Results are very slow, many people get discouraged and quit.
– Results are seen quickly, motivation to continue is very high, drop-out rate is low.

7.  Traditional – After you quit, muscles atrophy quickly because you are building up muscles.  Often a person looks and feels eorse than before they started the program.
– Muscles remain strengthened, firm and toned because the program is based on isometric range of motion exercise movements and physical therapy.

8.  Traditional – Exercising is often painful, too difficult for manypeople, so unpleas ant many people find excuses to avoid it.
– Exercising is painless, easy for everyone of all ages, fun, people look forward to coming in for their next treatment!!

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