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Buyers Beware…with the times being what they are, the scam artist are coming out of the wood work.

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pride_klean_pete in office close upBy: Peter Chakonas
CEO, Pride Klean Service Corp.

The cleaning industry is a way they can come in and clean your home out.

What I mean is, I can go to the state building and get a business license as ABC Cleaning Service today it would cost me less than $75 for the year. So presto, I am in business and then I call the News Journal and place an ad in Sunday’s paper for the cost of about $100.00. Now the average person who is looking for a cleaning service will call. What you do not know is they have no insurance, they are not a reputable business, and they could clean you out without you even knowing it. You may ask how.

In this state, anyone can get a business license no proof of insurance
or business address needed.

This is a license to come in to your home and steal you blind. Therefore, buyers beware if you are shopping for a service check them out first. You need to check their credentials the first thing is a certificate of insurance you need to look for three things:

General Liability, this will cover if they break something in your home or damage your home in any way, 2nd and most important is Workman’s Compensation. This is a MUST no matter the size of the company. If they do not have this, you are liable if they fall in any way or get hurt in your home you will pay. In addition, a MUST is Personal Property or theft insurance this will cover if anything is stolen. Then check references and the BBB.

Last, ask the company how they hire their personnel do they do back ground checks and drug screening all a must if you have someone coming in to your home. Now I know in times, as they are we are all looking for deals, but…

you must always remember the lowest price is not always the best way to go.

Look at how long a company has been in business, do they have a web site? How many people do they send in to clean your home? Do they send the same people every time? Do they bring all supplies and what supplies do they use. Ask for the names of the products they use if it is a name you do not know ask where they get it.

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