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Affording Senior Living: An Answer for Every Family

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Presented by Suzanne Piechotta, Executive Director

Whether you’re looking for a more carefree, maintenance-free lifestyle for yourself, or helping your parents explore their options, cost is, naturally, one of your first concerns when it comes to senior living. Even with all of the information available online, most families don’t know about the hidden gems—the many financial assistance programs that can make living in a personal care home an affordable choice.

Many of us grew up in a time when our parents simply didn’t talk about money, and it can be a sensitive topic to approach. Often, children are unaware of their parent’s assets, which can make it difficult to know just how much financial assistance they will need to live comfortably. Enlisting the support of an outside expert, like a Personal Care Home Administrator, or a financial advisor, can help to start the conversation and make talking about these issues easier. Once you move past any financial barriers, you can move onto the most important concern of all: enjoying a full, healthy life!

Veterans Benefits

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers an Aid & Attendance Benefit, a significant monthly pension for qualified veterans and surviving spouses, to help with the cost of living in a personal care home. The application process can be confusing, so Glen Mills Senior Living offers free assistance in determining eligibility and applying.

Elderlife Financial Services

Elderlife Financial Services offers:  A loan used as a line of credit with low monthly payments. Up to six people may share in the application, which is great for siblings contributing to their parents’ care. Each month, you simply request the amount you need, and the funds are sent directly to you. Glen Mills Senior Living provides assistance with this process.

Life Care Funding Group

Life Care Funding Group offers a service that can help you finance the cost of senior living through a Life Settlement, a transaction that sells your life insurance policy for an amount greater than the cash surrender value from the insurance company. Again, Glen Mills Senior Living can provide information on this Company.


The Lord has provided a safe and happy place for those that need assistance in living their daily lives.  We thank God for the wonderful, loving and attentive staff here at Glen Mills Sr. Living for all they do in caring for my Mom and Dad.

When my wife was first diagnosed with dementia, I had no idea where to take her.  I could no longer take care for her needs.  My retired pastor recommended Glen Mills Senior Living, since he had a dear friend living there and he thought  it was a wonderful Community. Since she has been a resident, I am very pleased with the treatment and the amenities, cleanliness, and the friendliness of the staff.  My wife is well taken care of and we both enjoy the entertainment that they bring in.  I visit her every day.



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