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A Second Set of Eyes… for Your Next Design Project

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Rita_Wilkins_on11_sq By Rita Wilkins

Even though I have been in the interior design world for almost 40 years,when I get the urge to make significant changes to my home or office I have made it a practice to get a second opinion from another professional designer prior to proceeding with my project.

Why? Just as I would never consider surgery with- out getting a second opinion, I have been amazed at the value I have received by taking that extra step, by getting a second set of trained experienced eyes to review my plans and concepts. While it may cost a little more time and money up front, I have gained valuable insight that has not only improved the overall design and function but has also resulted in practical advise and cost-saving ideas.

It is the combination of finely honed design skills, solid technical knowledge and a good business sense that can help a client bridge the gap between the creative and the technical, resulting in a great design and a successful project.


A kitchen with the perfect blend of function and aesthetics. Space has been maximized: from the expanded pantry to the cabinets located on either side of the cooking area and the generous granite island with prep sink. The combination of sleekly modern stainless appliances with rustic stone, tile and wood result in a comfortable and efficient work area.

From our clients:

“Rita is the most talented and business-oriented designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” – Eric Parsons, Owner New Castle County Flooring & Remodeling Inc.

“Rita stands out for her sensitivity to our needs, her awareness of value, and her value-and-execution-driven professional network. After quickly translating our project goals into a set of concrete options for us, Rita responded to our needs. She flexibly alternated between adapting her suggestions to our feedback when we wanted speedy decision-making, and provided us space and time when that was needed. Throughout our projects, Rita proactively suggested ways to get more value from our design budget by investing in high-impact areas rather than less noticeable design aspects. Rita’s projects stood out for their professionalism and from the broad network of value-and-execution oriented professionals that she introduced us to —- who turned our concepts into reality. Rita proved her ability to achieve the design that would fit our needs. The process to achieve that result is what makes Rita special. We look forward to working with Rita again.” – Rod Wallace

Rita Wilkins is President of Design Services, Ltd., as well as principal designer and project manager. With over 38 years experience in design and management, her approach to design is both aesthetic and business-like. She is known to be a highly effective “hands-on” designer with extensive knowledge and expertise in residential, dental, medical, and commercial interiors. A graduate of University of Rhode Island, she attended Rhode Island School of Design and the University of North Carolina.She has been published in a variety of national publications and has received numerous design awards.

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