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brandywine_Auto_body_Brent_Logullo_jfm18By Brent Logullo, Owner 

“I have taken a few of my cars here in the past. It has always been a great experience. Just picked up a car yesterday and really appreciate the personal attention I got with the owner, as well as the other mechanics. Would highly recommend this body shop.” – Marie Danz

“This is the only body shop that touches any of my vehicles. Brent and the guys over there will repair your vehicle to a condition that will supersede the OEM fit and finish. They also work directly with the insurance companies and rental car businesses for a seamless transaction from start to finish. I tell everyone I know to take their car over to Brent when the unfortunate happens!” – Bradley Owens


I started in this business washing cars at Brandywine Body Shop 29 years ago. I was fortunate enough to work under a very knowledgeable and respected owner in the automotive repair business, Gary Louth. He then sold the business to me, with the assurance that I can continue to carry forth the values of providing great service, quality repairs, and respect for our customers. He always had the mindset of ‘there are some jobs you can put a time frame on, but most you must take your time in order to get them right.’ We stand by that 100% here at Brandywine Body Shop. We still operate as a small family-owned business, rather than a large corporation, to insure our customers that we are solely focused on getting them back into a safe and reliable vehicle, with a lifetime warranty on paint and craftsmanship.

Why you should choose which body shop to use –

Most women outlive their husbands, make the phone calls during the day, run all the errands, pay the bills, and get the kids off to school. With all these tasks set out to be done, you may be persuaded to do what’s convenient, so that you can get all the tasks completed in the time you have. Now when it comes to picking a body shop, picking what’s convenient is not always the best way to go. Looking up reviews, talking to friends or even calling your local mechanic are just some of the ways you can use to determine the proper repair shop to take your vehicle to. Dealerships are good with getting repairs completed but you have to be aware that just because you take it to the dealership doesn’t mean they will put the original parts back on to your vehicle. Dealerships will repair your car under the guidelines of what your insurance policy says. When you sign on to an insurance policy, there are some underlining things included, that you don’t become aware of until it’s time to get repairs. Your insurance agent is the person who would be able to help you choose a policy that fits your needs in case you ever were to have something happen to the vehicle. Listening to your agent and coming up with a preplanned scenario for if your car was ever to need repairs, is the best thing you can do for yourself, and the vehicle.

Preparing an insurance policy –

When you insure your vehicle through an insurance company, you are put in a database where your policy can be acquired if needed by another insurance company when they are at fault. If your policy states that your vehicle gets all original parts reinstalled, then the insurance at fault must repair your vehicle to no less than how you are insured through your own policy. The first thing everybody shops for is the lowest rate which is a good idea until you are involved in an accident. There are several ways to lower your premium rates. Cutting out rental on your policy helps if you have a spare vehicle to use if your primary vehicle was involved in an accident, also setting a high deductibles on collision, comprehensive and liability. All these things will lower the cost of your insurance policy, but could hurt the repairs because you aren’t aware of all the underlining ways you are saving on the policy. When speaking to an insurance agent be sure to ask:

“What happens when I wreck my vehicle?” 

“What type of parts will be reinstalled on my vehicle?” 

“What happens if I have an issue with some repairs that were done under this policy?” 

All these questions need to be answered before you sign off on a policy, so you will know exactly how your insurance company plans to fix your vehicle in case something were to happen.

Collision vs. comprehensive – 

A lot of people have insurance, some are afraid to use it and risk the policy premium being raised. Insurance premiums do get raised under collision but are looked upon differently under comprehensive. Comprehensive insurance claims are simply something that happens to your vehicle that you had no control over such as any act of mother nature, hitting a deer, vandalism, and stone chips damaging a windshield. You would be surprised how many people are afraid to put in a claim through their insurance not knowing it’s covered under comprehensive. If you are often a victim of this, you should consider lowering your comprehensive deductible to zero. When repairs are done to a vehicle under a comprehensive claim, your premium can be raised but at a lower percentage than collision. Most people are unaware of what falls under a comprehensive claim rather than collision. It is best to speak to your agent before filing the claim so they can inform you as to which category the damage falls under. Also, ask if there is a threshold to stay under that would not raise your premium. This is the time where you consider going through insurance or paying for the damages out of pocket.

Drivable vs. non-drivable –

If there is damage to your car and it is drivable, please take the vehicle to more than just one body shop to have it looked over. Most insurance companies will refer you to a body shop they have a direct repair program with, but that does NOT mean you have to choose that body shop for repairs. It’s always good to get more than one opinion on what needs to be done for the vehicle to be repaired properly. The dollar amount of the repairs is not as important as getting the repairs done correctly, so that you won’t have to take your vehicle back for those repairs to be redone. Ask certain questions such as:

“Is there a warranty on the repairs?”

“Where do they tend to order parts from?”

“Is the repair equipment used in the shop up-to-date?” 

These questions will insure that the vehicle will be repaired correctly and that there is a lifetime warranty. Taking shortcuts to get the work done faster or cheaper only causes problems for the vehicle and the body shop. Everyone makes mistakes but cutting corners on repairs is unacceptable.

However, when the vehicle is non-drivable, just worry about the safety of yourself and others that may have been involved in the accident. Let the police handle your vehicle getting towed. The first call should be to your insurance company just to inform them about what happened. They may suggest a shop because it’s convenient, but remember you have a choice. You should only have to visit the body shop one time and that’s when you are picking up the vehicle. Any shop that an insurance company directs you to, whether it’s your insurance or the person’s that hit you, they have to give you a warranty on your vehicle. Now this is when the policy that you paid for kicks in. I do get new original equipment for the vehicle if that is in your policy. If there is a mistake which was caused by us, we will take care of it and provide the customer with a rental car if need be.

Brandywine Body Shop

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