Supporting Animal Abuse When Feeding Your Dog?

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You Don’t Have To. Buy Humanely-Raised Products.

dolce_ardesia_yummy_treats_amj16By Ardesia Dunning, Product Testing Manager, Dolce & Ardesia Yummy Treats LLC 

My mommy loves me, but she also loves all animals. She believes all animals should have a good life, even if they are raised for food. And those wonderful loving farmers, who raise their animals with care, proper habitat, quality feed and no hormones or antibiotics, should have our support as animal lovers. Most of my dog-friends say their human parents love them ridiculous amounts, would do anything for them. They sound like compassionate people. So you would think, they would never directly pay people to abuse animals and fund a food-animal’s suffering. Maybe they don’t know what it is really like for those piggies and cowzies.

My mommy makes treats for me and all the other doggies that have only good stuff in them, stuff that is the best for our furry little bodies. As an animal, I am obviously an animal lover, and I never will eat another animal that has suffered and been raised in those conditions. Also… whether you believe it or not, muscle and tissue have memory, and I don’t want that freaky energy in me either! yuckie! eww!

We dogs need meat, it is not fair to make us be vegan or vegetarian anymore than telling a tiger not to kill for its next meal. Wild carnivores… are not ‘bad’, it is nature. The difference is, what they kill was living its own life out in the wild.

Factory farming is the norm in this country. These animals, seen only as property and profit are made to live horrible lives and frequently mistreated.

With supermarket-bought, big-brand meats, the animals have to be fed antibiotics daily so they don’t get sick living in those conditions. The factory owners also feed them hormones to make them grown beyond what their legs will bear. Chemicals have to be added after the animal is slaughtered to clean the meat to prevent us from getting sick from contamination.

Take it from a dog… Only feed us happy food and treats! Thank you furry much for reading my article. Kisses & licks, Ardesia

About The Author

Ardesia, at only 6 months old is a budding puppy-entrepreneur. She thrives on a raw diet of humanely raised meats & organic fruits & veggies. She is an integral part of the family business.

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